BSE Scheduling Tips

Semester 1


G1: Art or Music (for required relateds)
G2: Physical or Life Sciences (with lab)

English 110: Composition
English 220: Intro to Language

Semester 2

Comm 100

G1: History for required relateds (preferably W course)
G2: Math (probably Math 100)

English 237: Intro to Techniques of Literary Research and Analysis
English 231 or 232 or 238H or 239H: World Literature or Western Literary Traditions

**take Praxis tests
**get copy of clearances

Semester 3

Engl 233: Early English Lit or English 235 Early American Lit
English 321: Transformational Grammar
G2: Math #2 (probably Math 130)

Social & Psychological Foundations Bloc
EDFN 211: Foundations of Modern Education
EDFN 241: Psychological Foundations of Teaching

Semester 4

G1: Media Course (preferably W Course) for required relateds
G2: Physical or life sciences
G3: (preferably W Course)
G3: course

English Elective (coordinate with option, if desired)

Semester 5

G3: (preferably W Course)
Perspectives Course (requires 24 credits of liberal arts core [G-course] classes)

English 311: Advanced Comp (need 60 credits to register; may need to pick up after semester or request exception)
English 486: Teaching Reading (take prior to APS bloc)

English Elective (coordinate with option, if desired)

Semester 6

G1 course
G3 course

Engl 4xx (genre/pre-1800/American)
Engl 4xx (genre/pre-1800/American)

Engl 487: Seminar in Teaching Writing (must be taken prior to student teaching)

**Engl 4xx (genre/pre-1800/American)--take in winter/summer or as an extra course in another semester

Semester 7

English Elective (coordinate with option, if desired)
English 405: Shakespeare

EDSE 321 Issues in Secondary Education
EDFN 330 Instructional Technology, Design, and Assessment
ENGL 485 Teaching of English in the Secondary School

Semester 8

EDSE 461 Student Teaching (English, 12 sh; must have 85 credits and a 3.0 GPA)