Print Media Studies Minor

Print Media Studies Minor

A minor in print/journalism at Millersville University is the gateway to a career that might not have even existed five years ago. Our graduates have gone on to work in media, public relations, state associations and the web. The University has provided the English department with state of the art equipment and software that allows students to have a head start on the ever changing job market.

It is important to stress that beyond the bells and whistles of technology the department strives to instill on its students the fundamentals of strong English communication. Good written communication skills are the cornerstone of any employment situation or research at the graduate level.

There are courses offered in; basic news writing, ethics, feature writing, editing and page design, public affairs reporting, computer assisted journalism, journalism through women’s perspective, the press and society. There are several student publications where students can obtain valuable first-hand experience and build a portfolio to use when applying for a job or to graduate school.

It is important to stress that in today’s fast-paced media environment more is required than just a degree, good grades and a resume. To that end the English department encourages students to go beyond their studies and serve internships related to the field. These off campus study options are available locally and in the state capital (Harrisburg) only 40 miles to the northwest. One or more internships allow students to gain valuable real world experience and networking contacts that last long after the experience ends.

List of job possibilities:

  • Editor
  • Newscaster
  • News Analyst
  • Program Director
  • Public Relations Specialist
  • Reporter
  • Writer

The journalism faculty is dedicated to student success while at Millersville and beyond.

The minor will require candidates to complete the following program of study:

English Majors with Print Journalism Option:

  • 18 credits minimum (beyond any course used to meet requirements for the Print Journalism Option)
  • Choose six of the following: ENGL 250, 318, 327, 328, 329, 330, 435, 473 and Cooperative Education in Journalism courses, ENGL 200 & 300.

Non-English Majors or English Majors without Print Journalism Option:

  • 18 credits minimum including 12 credits from required courses and 6 credits from elective courses
  • Required courses: ENGL 313, 315, & 473
  • One of the following: ENGL 317, 318, 330
  • 6 credits from elective courses: ENGL 250, 318, 327, 328, 329, 435 and Cooperative Education in Journalism courses, ENGL 200, 300.

Minor Curriculum Sheet (pdf)

Print Media Studies Resource Page