GSI Questionnaire

Foreign Languages GSI Questionnaire

Department of Foreign Languages GSI Questionnaire First, middle, la st name

What is your reason for attending the summer school?
(Check all that apply.)

Have you found the faculty to be generally understanding of your needs?

Please rate the extra-curricular activities
1 worst, 5 best or N/A (not applicable)

1 2 3 4 5 N/A
Movie Nights
Lunch and/or dinner
with faculty and students
International picnic
Unit Plan Fair
Field trip
Gala dinner
Lunch and Learn Events
Poetry night

Did you stay on campus this summer?

Do you plan to attend the Foreign Language Graduate Summer Institute next summer? (end of June - end of July)

Would you recommend this institute to a colleague?

Would you be interested in taking blended courses during the summer (Distance learning plus face-to-face meetings that make up about one third of the instructional time) or complete online line courses with no face-to-face meetings?