Spanish Graduate Institute

Course Details - Graduate Students

Tentative Course Offerings Summer 2015

All courses will tentatively be offered June 22-July 17, 2015.

SPAN 522/523  Composition/Composition and Stylistics
Prof. Antolín

SPAN 542 History of Spanish-American Civilization: Culture of the Spanish Caribbean
Prof. Valentín-Márquez

SPAN 581 (Undergraduate 481) Seminar in Medieval Spanish Literature
Prof. Börger-Greco

See Graduate Catalog (PDF) for descriptions and the Registrar's webpage for class times.

For more information about these courses, please contact Dr. Marco Antolín, Spanish Graduate Institute Director.

Course Details - Undergraduate Students

Course Offerings

See Undergraduate Catalog (PDF) for descriptions.

Undergraduate students who have 24 or more undergraduate language credits and are able to observe the no-English rule are also permitted to participate. For these students a number o f courses such as Conversation, Composition, Functional Grammar Review, Aspects of Contemporary Germany, and sometimes Phonetics are offered on a regular basis. Undergraduate students must seek permission of Spanish Graduate Institute Director prior to registration.