Past In-Service Conferences

2014 Fall In-Service Conference

"Cultures, Communities, and the Classroom"

The 2014 In-Service Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages was held on Saturday, September 27, 2014, 8:00AM - 2:45 PM.   It was presented by The Department of Foreign Languages at Millersville University and The Association of World Language Educators.

The conference focused on the teaching of the Cultures and Communities standards and included three workshops. The first workshop, led by Megan Flinchbaugh of Solanco High School and Nate Campbell of Manheim Central High School, focused on integrating culture in the target language at the Novice level. This was followed by a workshop in the target language about strategies for teaching communication with a community beyond the classroom. The facilitators were Renee Campeau of Warwick High School for French, Rebecca Shertzer of Hempfield High School for German, and Katherine Frederick of Manheim Township High School for Spanish. The final session demonstrated strategies to help students synthesize news reports from target language communities and methods to engage students in communicative exchanges using that information and was presented by Megan Flinchbaugh and Nate Campbell. Professors from MU's Department of Foreign Languages introduced the sessions and participated in the discussions.

2013 R. Caminero In-Service Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages

"Teaching the Communication Standards-Communicate & Collaborate"

The 2013 Rosario Caminero In-Service Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages was held on Saturday, October 5, 2013 8:00AM - 2:45 PM.   It was presented by The Department of Foreign Languages at Millersville University and The Association of World Language Educators.

The focus of this year's conference was "Teaching the Communication Standards-Communicate & Collaborate".  Participants learned great strategies to get their students communicating in the target language.  They shared their own experiences and ideas during the workshops led by local high school teachers.

2010 MU In-Service Conference

"The Language Rich Classroom"

The theme of our Fall 2010 In-Service Conference was "The Language-Rich Classsroom."  It was held on Saturday, October 30, 9AM-3PM, in Lehr Dining Room (Bolger Conference Center). and featured Drs. Pérsida & William Himmele.

The Himmeles walked participants through demonstrations of how to infuse foreign language classrooms with evidence of active participation and cognitive engagement for all students by using interactive "Total Participation Techniques."  The afternoon session expanded on "Total Participation Techniques" and further demonstrated increased vocabulary through activities that included movement and interaction for all learners at the same time.  Applications were made for language learners at the beginning, middle and advanced stages of proficiency. 

By the end of the workshop, participants walked away with a TPT-Bag that will support the simple implementation of Total Participation Techniques with all students in Language-Rich Classrooms!

Combined 2009 MU/PSMLA Conference

In 2009, MU co-sponsored the PSMLA fall conference again. It was held on October 17-19, 2009 at the Eisenhower Hotel and Conference Center in Getttysburg, PA, with the theme "Addressing Pivotal Strategies for Language Learning." Over 165 attendees chose from 21 sessions over the two-day period. The pre-conference workshop on Oral Proficiency Assessment was presented by Dr. Margaret Malone from the Center for Applied Linguistics in Washington, D.C. Several Millersville students attended the conference as volunteers.

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2007 MU In-Service Conference

"Language Acquisition, Inclusion and Assessment"

Mr. John De Mado On Saturday, November 3, 2007, the department of Foreign Languages welcomed Mr. John De Mado for its 42nd Annual In-Service Conference which was renamed after Professor Emerita Dr. Rosario Caminero.

John De Mado has been a vocal advocate for language acquisition in the United States for many years. Beginning his foreign language studies in high school, Mr. De Mado went on to Montclair State College in Upper Montclair, NJ . While attending Montclair State, John was selected to participate in an immersion experience in Grenoble, France sponsored by Princeton University. He began his language teaching career in the state of New Jersey, simultaneously completing his MA degree in French language and literature at Middlebury College, Middlebury, VT.

Since 1993, Mr. De Mado has directed John De Mado Language Seminars, Inc., a full-service consulting firm dealing exclusively with language acquisition issues. A member of several national, regional and state language organizations (ACTFL, Central States Conference, Northeast Conference, NADSFL, Connecticut COLT, TFLA, MaFLA, etc.), John is best known for his motivational keynotes, provocative conference sessions and insightful professional and staff development workshops.

The long-standing goal of language educators in the United States has been to deliver a generation of students who, at some level, function in more than one language. Despite out best efforts, this goal has remained largely elusive, with the vast majority of our students eventually fleeing our ranks.

With the national mandate to include all types of learners in our classrooms, many questions arise. Could it be that language acquisition is primarily a learning task? If so, is it time for us to reinvent ourselves as language teachers? Are we able to shatter the mythologies that have historically impeded most students from acquiring a second language? What do we actually believe? How do our beliefs align with our practices? How do we actually expand candidacy in the language classroom? Can assessment be inclusive?

Through discussion, handouts, humor, passion and debate, this workshop addressed these and other questions, thus helping teachers to clarify their organizing principals and to seek more inclusionary strategies.

2006 MU In-Service Conference

"Re-Discovering World Languages: Creating New World Citizens"Dr. Janice Mitchell

On Saturday, November 4, 2006 the Department of Foreign Languages at Millersville University welcomed Dr. Janice Mitchell, Chair of the Department of Foreign Languages, Literatures and Cultures at Gallaudet University. Her keynote address demonstrated how to develop an inclusive world language classroom by using technology and collaborative efforts between secondary and post-secondary teachers. Afternoon sessions addressed the needs of specific populations (e.g. African-Americans, Latinos, students with special needs) and worked on curricular models that incorporate technology and build on local, national and global cultural connections.

Combined 2005 MU/PSMLA Conference

A Success in "Amish Country"

On Friday and Saturday, October 28 and 29, 2005, the Lancaster Host Resort and Conference Center in Lancaster , PA was the site of the 2005 PSMLA/40th Annual Millersville University In-Service Conference. Over 150 attendees chose from 24 sessions over the two-day period. Friday also featured a special half hour session on Standards and Assessment hosted by PSMLA during which teachers were given a free copy of PSMLA Standards and Guide to Assessment "What to Teach and How to Test It." Take a look at our slide show to find out more about this event!

In Service Conference 2005 (PDF)

39th Annual In-service Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages: October 30, 2004.

"Revolutionizing Your Teaching: A New Look At Teaching Methods And Self-Assessment."
Keynote Speaker: Nina Holmquist -- Nicolet High School, WI.

Keynote address will include the National Board certification (NBC), an advanced teaching credential offered by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards and how this challenging professional development can improve teaching practice.
In the afternoon, four concurrent sessions will take place:

*Using literature as an assessment tool
*Service learning as a component in your classes
*Incorporating technology in your teaching
*Culture in the classroom

38th Annual In-service Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages

Topic: "Teaching Culture: Beyond "Us and Them" -- Dr. Mara R. Anderson assisted by Mr. Brian Miller

37th Annual In-service Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages: November 9, 2002

Keynote speaker, Dr. Thekla Fall, Coordinator of World Languages, Pittsburgh Public Schools. Keynote address: "Teaching and Assessing the Communication Standard: How Proficient are Our Students"

2002 In-service Conference Information

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