Language Clubs

The French Circle

The French Circle's main purpose is to promote the French language and culture. Meetings are held every week as a conversation hour. Activities are chosen at the beginning of each semester by the officers and the advisor. Schedules are given to all students in French classes and they are invited to participate. Activities include

  • A student-prepared French dinner
  • A cheese tasting
  • Trips to French plays whenever possible
  • Trips to museums and French art exhibitions in Philadelphia, Washington, Baltimore, and New York
  • French films
  • Fund-raising activities such as book sales and sale of crepes for Mardi Gras.

The French Circle meets on Thursdays from 5:30 - 6:30 pm in McComsey 237.

2014-15 Officers:

  • Justin Abell (President)
  • Adolfo Gonzalez (Treasurer)
  • Elizabeth Sanderson(Secretary)
  • Dr. Christine Gaudry (Advisor)

German Club

All students interested in German language and culture are invited to participate in the activities of the German Club, including

  • conversation hours
  • German dinners
  • games
  • video/film presentations
  • career exploration
  • trips to places significant for German culture

The German Club meets Mondays 4-5PM in McComsey 236.

2014-15 Officers:

  • Irena Riley (President)
  • Jen Baker (Vice-President)
  • Sara Bogdanoff (Secretary)
  •  Alex Paul (Treasurer)
  • Dr. L Hopkins (Advisor)

Spanish Club

The Spanish Club affords all students the opportunity to learn more about all things related to Spain and Latin America, as well as Hispanic culture in the United States. Meetings are held in English so that everyone can participate. Activities include

  • trips to New York, Washington, or Philadelphia to see museums, the Spanish National Ballet, theater productions in Spanish, Spanish or Latin American restaurants, and much more
  • sponsoring artist or scholars in residence and Spanish dance classes
  • community service such as visiting with Spanish speakers in nursing homes, helping out in hospitals, tutoring
  • meetings to chat in spanish
  • movies and other programs in Spanish
  • meeting international students and SOLA members
  • playing games in Spanish, cooking Spanish food

All are invited and all are welcome, whether you are taking Spanish courses or not, whether you speak Spanish well or not - as long as you are interested in "things Hispanic."

The Spanish Club meets Mondays from  4-4:50pm in McComsey 110.

2014-15 Officers:

  • Jorge Mora (President)
  • Kyra Avaritt (Treasurer)
  • Alex Otthofer (Secretary)
  • Dr. Wilfredo Valentín-Márquez (Advisor)