Degree Requirements

BA (Liberal Arts) in French, German, Spanish

A minimum of 36 semester hours in major language--FORL 201, 202, 311, 312, or 313, 351, 352, 470 plus courses in language, civilization and literature as approved by advisor. Four courses (12 cr.) are required in a second language and two courses (6 cr.) are required in a third language. The second and third languages can be combined in a single language.

BSE (Secondary Education) & Certification in French, German, Spanish

Courses listed above plus one course in civilization, one course each in history and geography and FORL 480. Three courses (9 cr.) in a second language are to be chosen from among the other languages offered by the department. If certification in two languages is desired, early planning with advisor is essential.

Academic Minor in French, German, Greek, Latin, Spanish

See the list of requirements for each language on the Minor Curriculum Sheet. It should be noted that students beginning on a level higher than 101-102 or 201-202 will be required to take enough advanced FL courses (300 or 400 levels) to total 18 s.h.

MA (Masters of Arts) in French, German, Spanish

Candidates for the Masters of Arts degree have the option of taking 10 courses (30 credits) in their respective language school and writing a research paper for three credits or taking 11 courses for a total of 33 credits.

See details on the Masters programs in the Graduate Catalog (PDF).

MED (Masters of Education) in French, German, Spanish

The requirements, options, and number of credits for the Master of Education degree in French, German and Spanish are the same as those for the Master of Arts degree except for the following: