General Education Curriculum Applications

UNIV 103: FYI Course Approval Documents

Faculty seeking approval for a new UNIV 103 Freshmen Year Inquiry course should use the documents below.  The first document below (Seminar Proposal) is the original course proposal for UNIV 103 and outlines the expectations for an FYI course.  The second document (FYI Seminar Forms) are the documents the must be included for approval by the UCPRC subcommittee on FYI proposals.

Please Note -  UNIV 103 Proposals should use this form and the instructions contained therein.  

UNIV 103 proposals should not be submitted through the CAP system.

UNIV 103: FYI Seminar Proposal: PDF

FYI Seminar Forms: PDF & MS Word

General Education Course Approval Documents

The forms below may be used to apply for a new general education label.

W Label General Education Curriculum Application: PDF & Word

P Label General Education Curriculum Application: PDF & Word

D Label General Education Curriculum Application: PDF & Word

AW Label General Education Curriculum Application:  PDF & Word

Course proposal forms for all courses including those applying for a Gen Ed label can be found at the Associate Provost's site:  Undergraduate Course Proposal Forms.

General Education Course Recertification Documents

Listed below are the Faculty Senate approved documents for recertification of W (Writing Intensive) courses, D (Cultural Diversity & Community) courses, and P (Perspectives) courses.  Links for the forms and instructions are given below in both PDF and MS Word formats.  

W (Writing) Course Forms: PDF & MS Word

D (Diversity) Course Forms: PDF & MS Word

P (Perspectives) Course Forms: PDF & MS Word

FYI Seminar Re-Certification Process & Form: PDF & MS Word