General Information


There are 8 residence halls on the campus:

  • 3 traditional style halls (Coed by wings/floors)
  • 5 suite style halls
  • Capacity from 116 to 709 students
  • Approximately 2000 students live on campus
  • Six halls have elevators while several others are ADA first-floor accessible


Some of the highlights of living on campus include:

  • Students at Millersville come from all over the world. You'll meet people from different cultures and have the opportunity to learn and live with others quite different from you.
  • All rooms provide direct access to the Internet and wifi access
  • Computer labs are nearby
  • We have the only on-site food preparation facilities in the State System universities.
  • Choose from two different dining halls or several other satellite eateries across campus to enjoy great food
  • With your meal plan, you can enjoy a pizza, take-out meal, or snack.
  • Shuttle bus service is provided to take you all over campus, in addition to several nearby shopping centers.
  • University Police operate a late-night escort service.
  • Jobs are available on campus - contact Housing for more details.
  • There is an on-campus health center.
  • Cable TV with a movie channel is provided in student rooms, free of charge.
  • Peripheral doors are locked, and entrance to all halls is by electronic card access.
  • Vending machines -- including washers, dryers, snack and soda machines make living in the halls more comfortable and convenient.
  • Every hall has a kitchen except for Reighard and Shenks
  • Vacuum cleaners may be borrowed from the Hall Office upon the presentation of your student ID.

Each room in the residence halls at Millersville University is equipped with:

  • beds
  • closets
  • dressers
  • Desks
  • desk chairs
  • window shade or blind
  • curtain rod
  • cable TV jack
Suite style rooms also include:
  • sinks
  • showers
  • toilets
  • couch(depends on suite type)
  • common room (depends on suite type)
  • end tables (depends on suite type)

The following is a list of items, which students may want to bring to campus:

  • hangers
  • alarm clock/clock radio
  • desk supplies
  • laptop
  • bathroom essentials (and bucket to carry items to the bathroom)
  • linens (36" x 80")
  • pillows
  • mending/sewing kit
  • throw rug
  • laundry basket and laundry supplies
  • iron (only with automatic shut-off)
  • stereo
  • dishes
  • Television and/or Blu-ray/DVD player
  • posters and some kind of poster putty
  • plants
  • trash can
  • coffee pot
  • quarters (for laundry) or Marauder Gold card
  • washcloths and towels
  • shower shoes (flip flops)
  • surge protectors
  • paper towels
  • floor/desk lamp

The following is a partial list of items, which students may NOT bring to campus. A complete list can be found in the Living on Campus.

  • Space heaters
  • Potpourri pots
  • Candles
  • Lava lamps and Oil lamps
  • Strobe lights, fog machine, decorative string lights (only LED lights are approved)
  • Hot pots
  • Refrigerators over 12 amps
  • Cooking appliances
  • Ceiling fans
  • We encourage roommates to contact each other to discuss what each will bring to campus.

Card Access & Door Alarms

  • All residence halls are equipped with electronic card access devices, which will permit access only to residents and University personnel with valid identification cards. Lost cards can be replaced at the University I.D. office in Boyer for a fee. When the I.D. office is closed, temporary access cards can be issued at the hall offices. When the I.D. and hall offices are not open, students who have lost or misplaced their I.D. are expected to contact their roommates or hall mates by phone to gain access to their hall.
  • The halls are also equipped with peripheral door alarms, which will sound after a few seconds if the door is not properly closed. Students are expected to ensure that peripheral doors are closed properly as they exit, not to prop doors open, and not to allow non-residents who are not their guests, to enter the buildings.
  • A resident host must escort visitors, guests and other non-residents while in the residence hall. Residents who give entry to unescorted non-residents are in violation of the escort policy and subject to disciplinary action. A guest pass is required from the RA Office for overnight guests.

Room, Window and Bed Dimensions

  • Standard bed frame size is 36” x80” (referred to as college length, long or sometimes extra long - be sure to check dimensions on sheets you are purchasing).  Please contact the Coordinator of Facilities Management for the Department of Housing & Residential Programs Office at (717) 871-2196.
  • All residence halls have either Venetian blinds or shades at all room windows.

See our facilities guide (PDF) for additional information. Facilities guide (PDF) for Reighard, Shenks, and the South Side Suites