Mail Services

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide the Millersville University community with postal services in a timely, responsive and cost effective manner. We will utilize technology, provide excellent customer service, and support the university as a student-centered institution of higher education.

  • General Information

    We sell “Forever Stamps” and pre-stamped envelopes (standard #10 business envelopes).

    Current price for a “Forever Stamp” is 68 cents (as of January 2024).

    Current price for a pre-stamped envelope is 88 cents (as of January 2024).

    All “Forever Stamps” and pre-stamped envelopes are sold as cash transactions. We cannot take any other type of payment for stamps or pre-stamped envelopes.
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  • Information for Staff & Faculty

    Please DO NOT accept packages for people not in your department. If you do not know where the person is on campus, direct the delivery driver to the Mailroom in the Boyer Building (37 W. Frederick St.) or to the Receiving Department in the Palmer Building (153 Creek Dr.).

    We deliver to the department secretary’s office.

    If you have a large volume of mail, we have long mail trays, short mail trays, and mail tubs available.

    We have a variety of sizes of Priority Mailboxes and Priority Mail envelopes for free, however when using Priority Mailboxes and envelopes the Priority Mail rates will apply.

    We have Tracking Number labels.

    We have “Registered Mail” forms and “Certified Mail Receipt” forms. Departments are responsible for filling out these forms. Mailroom will enter the postage amount information on the Certified Mail Receipt form(s).

    We do not seal large envelopes, open-end envelopes, or peel-and-seal envelopes.

    Specialty envelopes (like invitation envelopes) with large flaps may not be sealable with our postage machine.

    Please separate international mail from U.S. mail.

    We have USPS Custom Declaration Form for international packages. Departments are responsible for filling out these forms.

    Please separate sealed envelopes from unsealed envelopes.

    The black and/or gold mail pouches are for mail requiring postage.

    When placing envelopes in the black and/or gold mail pouches, please keep all the envelopes in the same direction.

    Please do not put pre-paid and stamped mail in the black and/or gold mail pouches.

    We require the SAP# (Cost Center#) to apply postage on your mail.

    We do not put postage on personal mail.

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  • Staff/Faculty Addressing Campus Mail

    When addressing interoffice mail please include the name of the department and the name of the recipient.

    The following dorms are considered campus mail:

                  East Village, West Village, South Suites, and Shenks Hall are part of the campus delivery.

    We do not seal interoffice envelopes.

    Please contact the Mailroom (ext. 7008) or the Receiving Department (ext. 7052) for interoffice envelopes.

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  • Staff/Faculty Mail Requiring Postage

    SAP# (cost center#) must accompany all mail requiring postage.

    Use the black and/or gold pouches. There is a windowed pocket on the pouches to put your department name and SAP#.

    Please do not mix sealed envelopes, unsealed envelopes, flaps-up envelopes, and flaps-down envelopes.

    It is preferred that the return address includes your department name.

    We have a variety of Priority Mailing Boxes available for free. However, Priority Rates will be applied when using these boxes.

    Contact the Receiving Department (ext. 7052) for packages to be shipped through UPS and FedEx.

    Large mailings (over 200 pieces) are considered bulk mailings. An example of this would be a mailing of letters or postcards to be sent to a large number of students. It is suggested that you contact the Department of Communication and Marketing to see if they can save money on printing and postage by using our Bulk Mailing License. You may also visit the Millersville University Purchasing web page at to see all university approved printing vendors. Please select Vendor List for printers, under Quick Links.

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  • Staff/Faculty Mailing Addresses

    It is very important to include your Department Name on all your correspondence.

                  U.S.P.S., UPS, FedEx, DHL, Amazon, etc.

                                 Department Name/Millersville University
                                 Attn: name
                                 Your Department’s Street Address,
                                 P.O.BOX 1002
                                 MILERSVILLE, PA 17551

    You may want to include the room # of your secretary’s office or your Dean’s office (on the same line as your Department's Street Address).

    Please contact us if you have questions about your mailing address.

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  • Staff/Faculty Return Address

    Your return should include your department name.

                                 Millersville University
                                 Department Name
                                 P.O. Box 1002
                                 MILLERSVILLE, PA 17551-0302
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  • Staff/Faculty Personal Mail/Packages

    The MU Mailroom will take personal letter mail to the local Post Office for employees. Please submit items in your departmental outgoing box.

    As per university policy, the Mailroom and Receiving Departments are not permitted to ship, transport, or receive personal packages for employees.

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  • Information for Students

    Please, use the following format to address your mail:

    NAME:                Your Name (First and Last Name)

    STREET:              37 W Frederick Street

    Room #, Wing, Name of Dorm (WE NEED THE DORM INFORMATION to efficiently delivery the mail)

    (South Suites, East Village, West Village, or Shenks Hall)




    Robert Smith                                   Jane Smith                                          Jay Smith
    37 W Frederick Street                    37 W Frederick Street                     37 W Frederick Street
    307 B South Suites                         T103 A East Village                          240 Shenks Hall
    MILLERSVILLE, PA 17551              MILLERSVILLE, PA 17551               MILLERSVILLE, PA 17551


    Do NOT use the letter assigned to your bed.

    Shenks Hall and Reighard Hall do not have wings.

    Please use the name the Registrar has on file.

    All mail and packages are sent to the dorm building, Monday thru Friday.

    The Mailroom will not accept special deliveries from florist or food delivery services.

    Do not overnight packages with delivery for Friday thru Sunday. If the package does not arrive before the Mailroom starts their deliveries on Friday; it will not be delivered until the next business day (in most cases - Monday).

    The Mailroom is not open on the weekends.

    Please allow time for both the Mailroom and Housing Department to sort and process your mail.

    The Mailroom does NOT forward mail or pay for postage for student mail.



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  • Contact Us

    Service is not just part of our name, it is the heart of our mission.

    LET us help you:

    Hours: Monday through Friday 8 am - 4 pm

    Jason O'Connor, Supervisor ext: 717-871-7008
    Mary Brandt, Mail Clerk ext:717-871-7008

    Email us at

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