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Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide the Millersville University community with postal services in a timely, responsive and cost effective manner. We will utilize technology, provide excellent customer service, and support the university as a student-centered institution of higher education.

General Information

Mail Services

Millersville University's Mail Services provide pick-up and delivery of all classes of United States Mail for the campus community Monday through Friday. All offices receive a morning pick-up and delivery.

First Class, or "letter" mail, is the one category of mail familiar to most of us. Under the latest Postal rate increase, a one-ounce letter costs 60 cents to mail. All departmental mail that needs to be metered and does not meet our presort vendor's standards should be placed in your "black" departmental mail pouch that has your department name and organization or fund number on it. If you do not have one of these mail pouches, please contact Mail Services and we will provide one for you...ext.7008.

Bulk Mail, formerly known as third class, and now termed Standard Mail, provides an economical means of sending the same information to a large group of people. It is important to note that the purpose of Standard Mail is to send the exact same information or materials to every person. You must also have 200 pieces or more in order to mail at the Standard Mail rate. The fact that Standard Mail is generic, rather than personalized, qualifies it for a lower rate.

Prepare your mail to meet automation guidelines!

The newest generation of address scanning software is able to read both upper and lower case letters. Use a fixed font, such as Courier. A fixed font gives every character-letter or number-equal space. A proportional font gives a character space in proportion to its size-so a "W" gets more space than an "I". Set the font size to at least 10 point. Center the address or label, and make sure it is parallel to the bottom edge of the envelope. Use approved postal abbreviations, like RD for Road, ST for Street, etc. Do not leave any blank lines in the address. If the address has both a street and a PO Box, the mail will be delivered to the location immediately above the ZIP line. If a window envelope is used, make sure only the name and address show through the window. Any other information that is visible in the window will interfere with the accurate scanning.  Attached you will find a guideline for ensuring mail delivery for on campus mail.

Bulk Automation Mail Services

Visit the Millersville University Purchasing web page at and select Vendor List for Printers, under Quick Links.

Save Money with Pre Sort Mail

The University has been working with presort vendors since 1997 to barcode and presort our daily outbound First Class mail. We save two cents per letter on each piece of first class mail, and those savings are passed on the department!

Over the past few years, we have averaged $7,500 in savings each year. But, we can do better! Here are a few easy steps to take to make sure your mail qualifies for automation discounts.

  • Use a fixed font such as Courier, and a font size of at least 12.
  • You may use both upper and lower case letters.
  • Do not leave any blank lines in the address block.
  • If you use a label, make sure it is applied parallel to the bottom of the envelope.

Handwritten mail DOES NOT QUALIFY for postal discounts!

Please contact Mail Services at x 7008 if you have questions or need assistance preparing your mail to meet automation requirements.

Customer Service

Service is not just part of our name, it is the heart of our mission.

LET us help you:

Hours: Monday through Friday 8 - 4

Jason O'Connor, Supervisor ext: 7008
Mary Brandt, Mail Clerk ext: 7008
Vince Diaz, Mail Clerk ext: 7008

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