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Welcome to the Millersville University ID Office!

The Millersville University ID office located in the mailroom of the Boyer Building is open for new students to obtain their ID's and for current students needing a replacement.

"GET" Smartphone app

Upload Photo online

Check marauder gold and Dining Dollars account balances and transactions

GET the Millersville University student ID web site and smartphone app is available for all Millersville University students and staff. This app will allow you to use a credit card to instantly add funds to you Marauder Gold or Dining Dollars Plan, view spending history, and upload student ID photos.

"GET" Smartphone App


Setup your NOTIFICATION Preference before uploading a Photo. During Fall semester Orientation, to obtain your photo ID go to the Multi-purpose Room in the Student Memorial Center. During other times of the year, ID Cards can be made at the ID Office.

Incoming freshmen, transfer students and new graduate students can upload their photo online.  This is the preferred method. ID photos can be taken in the ID Office, located in the Boyer Building, however, lines can be long with wait times up to one hour.  Please visit our Photo Submission Help link for upload assistance.

ID Card Login: Photo Upload Login (myVILLE ID and Password required)

Campus ID Office Hours:  8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Upload your ID photo to GET

Watch this video to learn how to add your ID photo in the GET application.

Using the Marauder OneCard at Millersville University

All Millersville University students must have a Student ID Card. Keep your I.D. card with you at all times. You'll need it to use the facilities and services at Ganser Library, Gordinier and Lyle dining halls, Brooks and Pucillo gymnasiums, Biemesderfer Stadium, the Student Memorial Center, Lyte Auditorium, Health Services at Witmer Infirmary, and other areas on campus.

Care and Use of Your I.D. Card

Your campus I.D. card should be treated with the same care as a credit card. It gives you access to services for which you have already paid and is your SOLE SOURCE of campus identification.

Do not let anyone else use your I.D. card. It is assigned to YOU and is nontransferable. If someone else tries to use your I.D. card, the card will be confiscated and considered to be a misused card.

To prevent erasure of the information encoded on the magnetic stripe, please follow these guidelines: Do not store your card on or near a radio, television, phone, computer, or any electronic equipment. Also avoid carrying your I.D. card in any wallet, purse or jacket that has a Velcro closure.

If you accidently erase the information on the magnetic stripe of your I.D. card, you can have the card re-encoded at no charge at the Campus I.D. Office.

Your I.D. and a Marauder Gold Account

Your I.D. card may be used to access your Marauder Gold account.

Marauder Gold-formerly the MAP account-is a declining debit account that provides you with cash-free shopping all over campus! A $50 deposit will get you started

Marauder Gold funds are accepted at all Dining facilities, the Bookstore, Health Center, Library, Game Room and in vending machines and laundry equipment in all of the residence halls. Marauder Gold is also accepted by off-campus merchants who have joined the program. Visit The Marauder Gold Program for a current list of participating merchants

Please see the Office of Student Accounts website for additional details about Marauder Gold accounts.

Forgotten I.D. Card

If you come to either of the campus dining halls without your I.D. card, you will be asked to go get it and return to the dining hall with it. If that is not possible, you will have to pay the current transient rate for the meal you want to eat. The checker at the entrance to the dining hall will give you a receipt for your payment. Within four class days from the transaction date, you can receive a refund for your additional meal payment at the University Dining Office in the lobby of Gordinier Hall. You must present your current campus I.D. card and a copy of the receipt for your payment to receive the refund.

Refunds will not be made after the fourth class day from the transaction date nor without your current campus I.D. card and appropriate receipt.

Damaged I.D. Cards

You are responsible for the upkeep of your campus I.D. card, which has been made to last, with normal usage, for at least four years. If your card becomes unreadable by the electronic card readers because of damage, (e.g., holes, curled edges, bent, defaced card, etc.), it will be considered invalid, and you will have to replace it at your own expense. Replacement can be made at the Campus I.D. Office in the lobby of Boyer Building. The current replacement fee is posted at the Campus I.D. Office.

If you try to use a damaged, unreadable I.D. card in the dining halls, you will have to obtain your meal through the cash receipts procedure, described in the previous section, until you apply for a replacement I.D. card.

Lost I.D. Cards

If you have lost your I.D. card, please call the ID Office at 871-7008 or use the "GET" app to mark your card lost as soon as possible. You may also suspend your card by accessing your account via the my ‘VILLE portal. If you feel you may find your card, you may follow the "Forgotten I.D. Card" procedure for using your meal plan in the dining halls.

If you find your lost card, you must go to the I.D. office to have your card reactivatedor use the "GET" app to mark your card found. If your card is turned in to or confiscated by the campus I.D. Office, you may get it back at no charge, if you had previously reported it lost, or suspended it via my'VILLE.

You may request a replacement card and pay the current replacement fee at the I.D. Office. Please Note: If you find your I.D. Card after the replacement card has been issued, the replacement fee is non-refundable

Misused I.D. Cards

A campus I.D. card is considered misused when anyone tries to use a Millersville University I.D. card that does not belong to them. If someone else is caught using your campus I.D. card, here's what will happen: Your I.D. card will be confiscated. If you have not reported that card lost, it will cost you the standard replacement fee to get it back. The person who tried to use your I.D. Card can be prosecuted by the University.

Contact Information

Campus I.D. Office Hours:
8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Monday through Friday

Campus I.D. Office
Boyer Building, Room 123
P.O. Box 1002
Millersville, PA 17551-0302

Phone: (717) 871-7008