The demand for on-campus housing at Millersville University continues to be high. The combination of a large number of new students seeking admission to Millersville University along with the increase in popularity for on-campus housing for returning students makes tripling a necessity to accommodate housing needs. The Housing and Residential Programs staff anticipates that a small percentage of the student population will start out the fall semester as three roommates in a double room. It has been our experience that this is a temporary accommodation. Each triple is furnished with bunk beds and each student has a desk and chair. Students assigned to a triple room will receive a discounted room rate for the period of time they are tripled.

Housing and Residential Programs determines which incoming students will be tripled by several factors including the date the Housing application was received.

De-tripling Process

Housing and Residential Programs anticipates that many rooms will be de-tripled prior to the start of the fall semester. Students are encouraged to check their My Housing account for updates.

Students who begin the semester in triples will be de-tripled as spaces become available. This process usually begins after the first week of the semester, but will start as soon as openings are confirmed.

Students will be contacted when it is their turn to de-triple. Housing and Residential Programs will assist in the de-tripling process by provide transportation when needed. The available space could be with a new student or upper class student. Students may decline the opportunity to de-triple contingent on the agreement of all roommates.  If the student declines the opportunity to de-triple, Housing and Residential Programs will make a note that the student requests to remain in a triple (voluntary triple).

We're here to help! If you have questions or concerns, there are many staffers available who can assist you and/or your roommates. Never hesitate to approach any of the professional or para-professional staff members!


Housing and Residential Programs



The Department of Housing and Residential Programs supports the academic mission of Millersville University through proactive environments that are conducting eto learning, client-centered services that provide students with the tools to excel, and positive emersion experiences that challenge our residents to transform into tomorrow's leaders.

We Value:

  • Safe and secure living environments
  • Well-maintained facilities
  • Opportunities for learning, personal growth and development
  • Respect for and dignity of the individual
  • Responsible behavior
  • Diversity
  • Community
  • Assessment and continuous improvement
  • Staff committed to providing an exceptional ethic of care

Upcoming Release of LiveSafe App

LiveSafe is a high-tech, mobile safety tool that can be downloaded on smartphones.  The app can be used in a number of different ways including to submit tips and information about unusual activity, it also allows the user's friends or family to virtually "walk" them to their destination.  For more information about LiveSafe and to watch a video overview of he upcoming release, please click here

Why Live on Campus?

Some of the highlights of living on campus include:

  • Students at Millersville come from all over the world. You'll meet people from different cultures and have the opportunity to learn and live with others quite different from you.
  • All rooms provide direct access to the Internet and wifi access
  • Computer labs are nearby
  • We have the only on-site food preparation facilities in the State System universities.
  • Choose from two different dining halls or several other satellite eateries across campus to enjoy great food
  • With your meal plan, you can enjoy a pizza, take-out meal, or snack.
  • Shuttle bus service is provided to take you all over campus, in addition to several nearby shopping centers.
  • University Police operate a late-night escort service.
  • Jobs are available on campus - contact Housing for more details.
  • There is an on-campus health center.
  • Cable TV with a movie channel is provided in student rooms, free of charge.
  • Peripheral doors are locked, and entrance to all halls is by electronic card access.
  • Vending machines -- including washers, dryers, snack and soda machines make living in the halls more comfortable and convenient.
  • Every hall has a kitchen except for Reighard and Shenks
  • Vacuum cleaners may be borrowed from the Hall Office upon the presentation of your student ID.

Contact Information

Housing & Residential Programs
Millersville University
P.O. Box 1002
Millersville, PA 17551

Boyer Hall

Phone: (717) 871-4200
Fax: (717) 871-7965

Email: housing@millersville.edu

Route/Map Parking

Important Move In Information

Opening day route/map parking. Please follow the appropriate route for your residence hall.

Black Route  -  Reighard and Shenks

Blue Route   -  Bard and Gilbert

Green Route -  East and South Village

Red Route    -  Gaige

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