LiveSafe App

About LiveSafe

Millersville University is the first university in Pennsylvania's State System of Higher Education (PASSHE) to adopt and utilize the campus safety application known as LiveSafe.

LiveSafe is a mobile safety system utilizing the latest smartphone technology. With this application, it empowers students to take more ownership in their campus’ safety by turning their smartphones into powerful personal safety tools, increasing communication between students and university police officers, and becoming more aware of safety issues. It facilitates discreet and risk-free bystander intervention.

LiveSafe can be used in various ways to promote and enhance campus safety by submitting tips and information about any type of suspicious activity, mental health concerns, and sexual assault. Tip submitters may choose to submit anonymously and can even add picture, video, or audio evidence. Users also have the ability to keep their friends safe by virtually walking them to their destination, request a safety escort from University Police, or be tracked via GPS in the event of an emergency.

LiveSafe is free for all students, parents, faculty, and staff members. Supported on Apple iOS and Android operating systems, it is available for download from both the iTunes Store and Google Play.


Highlight Features

Empowers the entire campus community to take more ownership in their campus’ safety and to bring enhanced awareness of safety concerns by turning their smartphones into powerful personal safety tools through increased communication between students, faculty and staff and the University Police officers. 

  • Connect with University Police: Share information and safety issues with police via text and the ability to add multiple pictures, videos, and audio attachments while having the power to remain anonymous.
  • Emergency Options: Phone options are available to directly speak with 9-1-1 and University Police in the event of an emergency along with live location tracking*.
  • StaySafe using GoSafe: Use peer-to-peer location tracking to monitor your friends or family as they move towards their final destination. Group chat and 9-1-1 is readily available to remain in constant communication or alert authorities in emergency situations.
  • Interact with the Safety Map: See where the latest campus incidents have occurred, emergency blue phone locations, and safe locations established by University Police.
  • Fast access to Safety Resources: Quick access to essential emergency information, telephone numbers, and campus resources.
  • Stay up-to-date: Get important safety and push notifications** from University Police.

*Location services must be enabled on your device.
**Push Notifications must be enabled on your device in order to receive alerts.

Additional Campus Resources

Center for Counseling & Human Development

Provides a supportive environment to meet the mental health needs of a diverse student body.

Center for Health Education and Promotion (CHEP)

Provides lifestyle education programs, hosts awareness events and information tables, and provides educational resources. 

Health Services 

Health Services is committed to services that promote health lifestyle choices, preventative medicine, and health education.

Sexual Violence and Dating Violence Awareness

Provides information on where to seek help and information from the university, the police, and the community.