Crime Prevention

Flashpoint on Campus

Recognizing and Preventing Violence on Campus

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General Information

The Millersville University Police Department maintains the belief that most crime can be prevented and that crime prevention is everyone's responsibility. Students, faculty, and visitors to Millersville University are encouraged to help keep the campus safe and secure by following basic steps involving the protection of their property and personal safety. Members of the community are also asked to immediately report all suspicious activity, crimes in progress, and safety concerns.

The Millersville University Police Department accomplishes crime prevention by providing numerous educational programs to the community and by conducting aggressive patrols. Several Millersville University police officers have received specialized training in crime prevention and routinely conduct educational programs to the community. Officers also conduct directed patrols of campus areas where crime is being reported. These patrols may be completed by officers in vehicles, on bicycles, or on foot.

If your organization would like to schedule a Millersville University police officer to give a crime prevention presentation, please contact Officer Miller at (717)871-4357.

Emergency Call Boxes

There are currently over 40 emergency Blue Light phones posted in various key locations on and around campus. Find...