Traffic Laws

Traffic Laws

  1. The traffic regulations listed here are by no means comprehensive, but include some regulations which are particularly applicable at Millersville University by reason of safety. All traffic laws as provided by the Pennsylvania Vehicle Code shall apply on University Property at all times. Operators of vehicles may be cited for violations under all appropriate sections of the vehicle code or under section 7505 of the crimes code - government rules regarding traffic.
  2. Unless otherwise indicated, the maximum speed limit on University property is 15 miles per hour.
  3. No person shall operate a motor vehicle at a greater speed than is reasonable and prudent under existing conditions.
  4. Driving on grass or sidewalks is prohibited at all times.
  5. Exceeding the speed limit or otherwise operating a motor vehicle in a reckless manner is grounds for revocation of parking and driving privileges on University property.
  6. Motor vehicle accidents that occur on University property should be reported to the University Police. Accident reports are available upon request for insurance purposes (a fee must be paid).
  7. Motorcycles and motorbikes, including mopeds, shall be operated only on motor vehicle thoroughfares.
  8. No driver of any vehicle (including human powered vehicles) shall wear headphones or any device which impairs the driver's ability to hear traffic sounds.
  9. The Pennsylvania Vehicle Code requires that all vehicles MUST yield the right of way to pedestrians in a marked crosswalk.
  10. Drivers are required to obey all traffic signs, signals and devices, and instructions from authorized persons directing traffic.

For further PA traffic law information see Traffic Laws (not a government website)

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