Textbooks for Philosophy Courses

Textbooks for Philosophy Courses

Obtaining Information on Textbooks Used in Millersville University Philosophy Courses

Information about textbooks for Philosophy courses at Millersville University can be obtained by going to the Millersville University Student Services Online Store.


You can find out what books are required for each course.  You can order those books from the Online Store.  Or you can simply get the titles, author's last name, and ISBNs so that you can shop around.


Follow these steps to get textbook information:



1.   Follow this link to the 'Select Term and Departments' page at the Online Store. 

2.   Check the 'PHIL' box from the list of departments, then click on the "Continue to Get Course Materials" button. 

3.   Check the boxes next to the specific classes and sections you are interested in, then click on the "Continue to Get Course Materials" button.