Intramural Sports

Intramural Sports serve as an integral part of college campus life.

They provide the students, faculty, and staff of Millersville University with the opportunity to meet in an informal setting for some enjoyable competition and recreation.

The Intramural Staff plan a variety of team sports and activities including both regular league competition and one day tournaments. All eligible students, faculty, and staff can sign up for an Intramural activity.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Intramural program at Millersville University is to provide the university community an opportunity for enjoyable competition through a variety of organized sport activities as well as a safe and fun work environment.

Team Registration and Free Agent Registration

All intramural participants should:

  1. Review the Intramural Calender for Entry Deadline/Captain's Meeting @ Intramural Calendar
  2. Participate in your hall meetings @ the beginning of the semester
  3. All intramural participants are required to complete an intramural participation exam 
  4. Review our policies on sportsmanship and eligibility before participation
  5. Visit the Campus Recreation Office in SMC, Room 38, in the basement

I want to register my team, what's the process?

Follow ALL steps listed below:

Register your team @

  • Select "Sign Up" button

  • Create an account using your marauder or millersville email account

Complete Registration Process by doing the following:
  1. Register team on Imleagues by creating an account on Imleagues & then signing your team to a sport every semester before the scheduled captain's meeting @ 9:00 p.m
  2. Pay the $10 forfeit fee at the SMC Bank and obtain the forfeit fee receipt
  3. Submit forfeit fee receipt to intramural personnel during captain's meeting held in Pucillo Gym
  4. Review the Intramural Calendar to ensure you don't miss the captain's meeting
  5. Have the captain, co-captain or team representative (someone from the team) attend the mandatory captain’s meeting

I don't have a team but I want to play (free agent), what do I do?

Free Agency/Free Agent is when a participant wants to play on a team but does not have a team

Free Agents MUST create an account to play in any intramural sport

Enter your information

  • Select "Sign Up" button

  • Create an account using your marauder or millersville email account 

  • Provide specific information in why you want to play: 

    • Provide sports experience

    • Limited sports experience, no problem, your a fast learner & want to have fun

How do I get on a team as a free agent?

  1. A team can request you to come partcipate on their team

  2. The intramural program will create a free agent team or put you on a team in your sport (s) of interest

Rules & Defaults/Reschedules

All intramural rules are governed by the National Federation of High Schools (NFHS), National Intramural Recreational Sports Association (NIRSA) and other sport governing rules deemed appropriate for intramural play at Millersville University. Rules may be modified depending on program needs.

Intramural Sport Rules, select a link below to view sports rules:


Can ONLY be submitted from Imleagues (online scheduling system)

Deafult/Reschedule information located on Imleagues under Millersville home tab, go to reference/sport links, then go to handbooks/manuals & review documents

Defaults/Reschedules Policy:

A team CANNOT reschedule a pre-season games for sports that offer pre-season games.

A team can ONLY reschedule one (1) game per league.  To reschedule a game, the team captain MUST submit a reschedule request 48 hours before the scheduled game time.  If your scheduled game (s) is on Sunday, submit by 4:00 p.m. Thursday.

A team can ONLY default one (1) game per league.  A team can opt to default their game if they will be unable to field enough players.  A team is still eligible for participation in the playoffs and does not lose any of the forfeit fee.  If a team defaults twice they will receive a forfeit for the second (2nd) requested default game & are ineligible for playoffs. To default a game, the team captain MUST submit a default request 24 hours before the scheduled game time.  If your scheduled game (s) is on Sunday, submit by 4:00 p.m. Friday


Sportsmanship is a very important aspect of the Intramural Sports program.

The intramural staff provide a 0 to 4 or A – E sportsmanship rating to teams after each game. Participation in playoff tournaments is depended upon a good overall sportsmanship rating for each team.

All participants should strive to demonstrate good sportsmanship during intramural contests.

Fair play is important, for it provides more enjoyment for all who play.

Persons subject to the sportsmanship rating include players, coaches, trainers, spectators & any and all other persons affiliated with the team. View More


All activity fee-paying students, faculty & staff members are eligible to compete.

In co-ed activities, spouses of the above groups are eligible to compete.

Eligibility guidelines include intramural team representatives, club sport members, National Collegiate Athletics Association (NCAA) and Professional athlete status. View More