Transfer Student Advisement

Transfer Advisement

Incoming transfer students that have a declared major should connect with their department chair for advisement and registration assistance. Any Undeclared/Exploratory transfer students should contact the Academic & Student Development/Exploratory Program office for an appointment. Please call us at 717-872-3257 for for assistance or direction.

A few things to consider after confirming your admission acceptance:

-       Have you contacted your major department? If you haven't already, we strongly suggest contacting them, to possibly meet with your department chair for advisement.

-        Have you had a final transcript sent from your previous school? You will want to make sure our Registrar’s office have received your completed course transcript so that we can have that information and best advise you.

-         Check out the Transfer Equivalency website to see how the courses from your other school would transfer to Millersville.

-        Have you run a degree audit and familiarized yourself with your MAX account? We know DARs can be tricky at first, we’re here to help with your understanding it. But try and read through it first to understand your degree requirements. We’ll help you piece all the information together.

-        Have you attempted to register yet? You may register for classes or add yourself to waitlists for classes you wish to take.

-        Have you signed up for MAX Mobile? The MAX mobile menu item in your MAX account can be set so that you receive a text message when your waitlisted class becomes available.

You may also contact our Advisement Coordinator for Transfer Students, Dr. Margaret Mbindyo, through our office at 717-872-3257.

Transfer Advisement & Registration Day

Come to campus on Saturday July 12th to attend the Transfer Advisement and Registration Day. An adviser from your department or general adviser will be available to assist you with course selection. We will make sure you have access to a full time schedule of classes (at least 12 credits).

An invite email will be sent to new transfer students. Please make sure to either reply to the email in order to sign up for the event or contact or 717-872-3257.

If you haven't already, we strongly suggest contacting your major department. If you are able to get advised and registered before the 12th, there may be no need to come to campus that day. Also, be sure to put your name on the waitlists for classes you wish to take that may be full currently. The MAX mobile menu item on your MAX account can be set so that you receive a text message from us when your waitlisted class becomes available.

Schedule of Transfer Advisement & Registration Day

Transfer Advisement and Registration Schedule – July 12, 2014


Placement Testing


All Millersville students must take at least one math course to meet degree requirements. If you plan on registering for a math course in Fall 2014, you are required to take the Math Placement Test before you register. For information (including requirements for transfer students and contact information) and to register for placement testing on July 12, visit the Placement Testing web page.

9:00 am             Check In for Placement Testing                     Caputo Hall Lobby


10:00 am           Math Placement Test                                     

Advisement and Registration

11:00 am          Check In for Advisement                                       Various locations

11:15 am          Break-out with departments for Advisement             Various locations

(More specific information about locations and whom they will be meeting will be sent to the student in their confirmation email.)

Other Activities

 8:00 am – 1:00 pm     Get your MU ID card photo taken                 Boyer Hall

 8:30 am – 5:00 pm     University Bookstore will be open                 Student Memorial Center

 10:00 am - 2:00 pm    The Juice Bar (snacks, smoothies)               Student Memorial Center

 11:00 am - 11:00 pm   The Anchor dining (lunch, snacks)              Gordinier Hall

 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm     Starbucks (coffee, drinks, snacks)              McNairy Library