Center for Disaster Research & Education

Center for Disaster Research & Education

IAEM GSC Italy Contest Winner

Congratulations is in store for Heather Beal, an MSEM student was selected as the winner of the IAEM GSC Italy Contest 2014. As the winner she will be provided with complimentary registration to the 2014 IAEM - USA conference in San Antonio.

Millersville IAEM Wins Student Chapter of the Year

On the heels of a successful year in the chapter’s history thanks to a plethora of esteemed Emergency Management speakers and many other accomplishments, the chapter received the well-regarded IAEM 2014 “Student Chapter of the Year” award.  Under the supervision of Dr. Duane Hagelgans, numerous initiatives related to the club were implemented including upgrading from the existing Blackboard virtual classroom platform to a more user-friendly Google Hangouts setup.  Other improvements have been to substitute some of the outside speakers for a more engaging “Open Forum” a Town-hall meeting of sorts in which those in attendance can openly discuss issues related to Emergency Management and come up with practical solutions. 

Research Symposium Announcement

The Global Katrina Effect: An International Research Symposium
Center for Disaster Research & Education
Millersville University of Pennsylvania, USA
October 1 – 3, 2014

August 2015 will mark the tenth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, considered to be one of the defining historic events within the emergency management field in the United States.  Accordingly, this anniversary will prompt numerous reflective academic assessments of how this disaster, which struck the Louisiana and Mississippi Gulf Coasts, changed the US emergency management landscape thereafter. Less known, however, is the impact that Hurricane Katrina had on disaster management systems in other countries --over a variety of subject areas ranging from emergency preparedness to coastal management to vulnerable populations to companion animals. To highlight the global lessons drawn from Hurricane Katrina, Millersville University will host an international research symposium on October 1-3, 2014 which will bring together policymakers, practitioners and academics from around the world.  This interdisciplinary gathering will take place over a three-day period during which juried scholarly papers will address how other countries modified their disaster response institutions, practices or policies after the initial American mismanagement of the Katrina crisis came to light.

Contingent upon grant funding, hotel accommodations for the symposium participants will be covered.  All symposium meals will be covered. Information regarding funding will be provided during notification of the paper’s inclusion in the research symposium program in mid-June.

Millersville University is part of the Pennsylvania State System of  Universities and is located in Lancaster County, PA (which is serviced by both Amtrak and a regional airport).  The university offers a Master’s of Science Degree in Emergency Management (MSEM) and houses the Center for Disaster Research and Education (

Mission Statement


Provide Multi-Disciplined Education, Research, & Internship Opportunities

  • current students interested in the field of environmental hazards and emergency/disaster management

Contribute to the Education of the Next Generation

  • disaster researchers, emergency managers, and knowledgeable community members

Conduct Research

  • behavioral and organizational response to disasters and terrorism, including the media
  • risk and hazards assessment

Disseminate Research Findings

  • Previous & new research literature, in a language and format that is useful to the general public, mass media personnel, and emergency management personnel-as well as researchers

Contribute to the Communities within the Region and Nation

  • pursuant to developing disaster resilient communities (FEMA)

Internships & Co-ops


Opportunities provided to give students hands on experience in the field.

Contact Information

Luzerne Building
8 High School Avenue

Office Hours
Mon.-Fri. 9a.m. – 5p.m.

Contact Numbers
Tel: (717) 872-3631
Fax: (717) 871-2429

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The CDRE at Millersville University is a member of the Homeland Security Higher Education Consortium, Keystone Emergency Management Association, National Emergency Management Association, Emergency Management Higher Education Consortium and the International Association of Emergency Managers.