Are you ready to respond to an emergency?

Help your community respond and recover.


The purpose of the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training program is to educate people about potential issues that may occur during a disaster. CERT’s main goal for its members is disaster preparedness. The overall CERT training totals about 24 hours. Our CERT program is usually taught over three Saturdays, each an eight hour day. During the training, students and community members from all backgrounds come together to learn how they can help themselves, their families, their neighbors, and their community during a disaster.

The goal of the Millersville University-Community CERT program is to create a culture of preparedness by increasing the knowledge and skills that the citizens need to safely handle disaster and emergency situations through training and education. This CERT currently serves the Millersville University, Millersville borough, and surrounding communities but we are hoping to expand the program to reach a much larger number of people.

CERT Policies & Procedures

Fall 2017 Registration


A registration fee of $10 must be paid before the course begins. Credit or debit card payments are NOT required at the time of registration. The class size is limited to 30 persons per semester. Individuals who register after the course is full will be added to a wait list. 

CERT Training:

Location: Millersville Campus (Great Room within the South Village Suites)


Day 1 - Saturday, September 23, 2017    9am - 5pm 
Day 2 - Saturday, September 30, 2017    9am - 5pm
Day 3 - Saturday, October 21, 2017         9am - 5pm

Final Exam and Disaster Simulation

- Saturday, October 21, 2017  

If you have any further questions please feel free to call as at (717) 871-7549, visit us on Facebook at or email us at

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