Major/Minor Guidelines


The major requirements of the Government and Political Affairs department here at Millersville University consists of thirty-six (36) credits of government and political affaris courses.  This includes eighteen (18) creidts in advanced 300-400 level courses in the major. At least  six (6) credits must be completed in capstone 400-level courses taken after the student has earned credits and twenty-four (24) GOVT credits.  As part of thirty-six (36) credits, all majors must complete GOVT 111, 221, 231, and 251 with a C- or better.  For required related courses, see the Government and Political Affairs blue sheet.  Last, all government and political affairs majors must have a minor. 

The department's courses fall into three (3) areas:

I. American Government and Politics

GOVT 111:  Introduction to American Government REQUIRED COURSE

GOVT 112:  Introduction to State and Local Governemnt

GOVT 205:  Introduction to Public Policy

GOVT 215:  The American Presidency (W) GOVT 111 is recommended.

GOVT 241:  Public Administration and Public Service (W) 

GOVT 312:  American Political Parties and Interest Groups (W) GOVT 111 is recommended.

GOVT 314:  The American Judiciary (W) GOVT 111 is required.

GOVT 315:  Congress and Lawmaking (W) GOVT 111 is required.

GOVT 333:  American Political Thought GOVT 111 recommended.

GOVT 341:  Introduction to City Planning (P) GOVT 111 is recommended.

GOVT 355:  American Foreign Policy GOVT 111 and/or GOVT 251 recommended.

GOVT 361:  Politics of Race and Ethnicity (D)

GOVT 411:  Constitutional Law: Separation of Powers and Federalism GOVT 111 is required. GOVT 314 recommended.

GOVT 412:  Constitutional Law: Civil Rights and Civil Liberties GOVT 111 is required. GOVT 314 recommended.


II. International/Comparative Politics

GOVT 221:  Introduction to Comparative Political Systems REQUIRED COURSE

GOVT 251:  Introduction to Global Affairs REQUIRED COURSE

GOVT 323:  Politics of the Middle East (D) 

GOVT 325:  Politics of East Asia GOVT 221 is recommended.

GOVT 327:  Canadian Government and Politics (P)

GOVT 351:  International Law GOVT 251 and/or GOVT 352 is recommended.

GOVT 352:  International Organizations GOVT 251 and/or GOVT 352 is recommended.

GOVT 355:  American Foreign Policy GOVT 111 and/or GOVT 251 is recommended.

GOVT 421:  Democratic Transitions and Trends (W) GOVT 251 is required.

GOVT 455:  U.S. - Middle East Foreign Relations GOVT 355 required. Offered in spring semesters.


III. Theory and Methods

GOVT 231: Introduction to Political Theory REQUIRED COURSE

GOVT 331: Modern Political Thought (W) GOVT 111 and GOVT 231 required.

GOVT 332: Recent Developments in Political Theory GOVT 231 is recommended.

GOVT 333:  American Political Thought GOVT 111 strongly recommended.

GOVT 401:  Methods of Political Science GOVT 231 is required.  Strongly recommended for students planning to enter graduate school or advance study of political scient. ***Formerly GOVT 301: Political Research Skills and Methods. 

GOVT 431:  Literature and Politics (W) GOVT 111 and GOVT 231 is required. Restriced to Juniors and Seniors only.


IV. Other

GOVT 408: Seminar in Government and Political Affairs

Addresses special topics in the discipline at an advance level. Seminar may be taken more than once provided the topic is different each time. GOVT 408 can satisfy either the American Politics or the International Area. Comparative requirement depending upon the topic. Consult advisor and the department chairperson.

V. Additional Guidelines

Internships and Co-ops
A maximum of three internship/co-op credits may be counted towards the major or minor under the political science elective category at the 200-level.

Under special circumstances, depending upon the content and level of the internship/co-op and with the permission of the department chair, majors (not minors) may count and additional three credits towards the completion of the major requirements.

Department Honors Option
The University's policy regarding Departmental Honors is outlines in the Undergraduate Catalog. When considering whether to pursue Departmental Honors, majors should consider the following general guidelines:

  • To be eligible, students must have completed 75 s.h. and have a cumulative QPA of at least 3.0 and endorsement of a department faculty member (they need not be enrolled in the University Honors Program).
  • The student must be committed to conducting a research/thesis program for two academic semesters prior to expected time of graduation for a total of 3 credits, which are not counted towards the requirements for the major.
  • The student should be aware that the completed thesis will be submitted to, examined by and orally defended before a departmental committee.
  • The student should be aware that the completed thesis will be submitted to, examined by and orally defended before a departmental committee.

Contact your advisor for further information on this option.

C. Pi Sigma Alpha

The Department maintains a chapter of Pi Sigma Alpha, the National Political Science Honor Society. Majors who have at least a 3.0 overall QPA and at least a 3.35 QPA in the major by the semester they apply to graduate will be contacted by the Department. For those students eligible, a $35 lifetime membership fee is required.