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Honors students with Dr. Porter visit the Pennsylvania State Senate, meeting with their host Sen. Lloyd Smucker.

Homecoming 2014

This year's Homecoming Parade theme: Under The Sea

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Did you know that as a member of the Millersville University Honors College you are eligible to apply for the opportunity to spend almost two weeks in another country and earn honors credits?

Every summer since 1985, The Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (PASSHE) has sponsored, and one of the State System Universities has hosted, a summer honors program that takes place on the campus of that university and in another country. The SSHE Summer 2014 program "The Canadian Maritimes: Geological Wonders Living From The Land and Sea" will be hosted by Mansfield University of Pennsylvania. The program will run from May 20 through June 5 and the group will visit St. John, New Brunswick, Bay of Fundy, Mahone Bay, Halifiax, and Cape Breton to name a few areas.

Two honors students from each of the 14 state system universities are selected to participate each summer. Each program of study lasts approximately 4 weeks and is equivalent to 6 honors credits of course work. The cost of tuition, room and board, travel and program related trips are covered in full for each student selected to participate in the program.

Honors colleges across the state have also banded together to create an annual PASSHE Honors College Conference. Millersville's Honors College participated in the first annual conference and hosted the second annual conference, both times sending a handful of selected students interested in organization leadership to network and brainstorm with their colleagues at schools like Lockhaven, West Chester, Mansfield, and Shippensberg.



The Millersville University Honors College is a member of the National Collegiate Honors Council - NCHC. As a member institution, our students are eligible to apply for programs and scholarships sponsored by the NCHC. Please click on the link in the left hand column below to visit the NCHC website and explore other opportunities available to our Honors students.

National Collegiate Honors Council

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