Department of Academic Advisement & Student Development

Learn how to set and achieve academic, career and personal goals.

Navigating Your Degree

Our advisors help you set strategies to realize your academic goals and complete your degree on time.

Your academic journey is unique to you. Millersville University's academic advisors are committed to helping you assess your interests and academic abilities using the latest technologies available. We will help you find a program that interests you and guide you along the most efficient path to the completion of that degree. 

All advisors have a strong commitment to our University community. We work to create a relationship between student and advisor so that we can serve each student's diverse needs and encourage your individual intellectual potential. 

Your Academic Advisor is always available via email to answer your questions. Your advisor's contact information is listed in the myVILLE portal. For additional information please access your respective college below: 

Degree Requirements and Curriculum Sheets

For up-to-date information on curricula, program requirements, and major-specific policy, please review the department pages within the University Catalog. Students can also utilize their Degree Audit Report (DAR) to view other programs of study, via the "What If" function.

Major Requirements

Requirements for each major can be found in detail in the University Catalog and within the degree audit system (DegreeWorks in MAX).

University Catalog

Minor Requirements

A minor is an curricular add-on to your major/degree requirements. Some majors require a minor. All minors require at least 18.0 credits to complete but some require more.

View Minor Requirements

Undergraduate Programs of Study

Detailed information about each program can be found by visiting the Academics page.

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Success Coaching

Success Coaching at Millersville University is a service available to ALL students. We believe every student can benefit from having individualized attention to support their academic goals.

Learn about our Success Coaching program