Students, Need Some Inspiration?

Hear How These Individuals Overcame Obstacles in Their Lives

Listen, we get it: college is tough. And our students can face any number of difficulties during their time at college, visible and invisible, inside the classroom and out. Things like demanding classroom expectations, financial, mental and emotional challenges among others might all affect your successes, but we know that with the right tools, you can overcome them! That’s why we’re focusing on ways to build academic resilience. What’s that, you ask? We’ll let one of our alumni, Ryon Freeman, tell you in his own words.

Ryon Freeman '14

Alum Shares Tips on Building Resiliency in Academics & Life.

Hear how others overcame obstacles

  • Focus on ways to build academic resilience

    Resilient students are able to make adjustments to challenging situations by;

    • Attending to the demands of their academic/work and personal lives successfully
    • Being flexible
    • Having a positive outlook to life
    • Shunning negativity and embracing positivity
    • Proactively dealing with challenges, problems, and setbacks
    • Admitting they need help and seeking assistance when they need it
    • Taking the time to reflect
    • Having a sense of self efficacy
    • Pursuing mutually respectful relationships with others
    • Being goal oriented and having a sense of purpose

    If you feel stuck or overwhelmed, please consider talking to someone who can help, such as a family member, your academic advisor, a staff member, psychologist or other mental health professional. Turning to someone to share what you are feeling or going through may help you strengthen your resilience and persevere during difficult or challenging times. Please take care of yourself. Pay attention to how you feel and what you may need. Whether at home or school, take time off books and engage in activities that you enjoy. Exercise regularly even in the comfort of your own room. Taking care of yourself prepares your mind and body to deal with situations that require resilience. Thank you to all the valued members of MU who volunteered or continue to volunteer to tell their resilience stories!

    We hope that you find this resource helpful!

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