Department of Academic Advisement & Student Development

Department of Academic Advisement & Student Development


The mission of the Department of Academic Advisement and Student Development is to provide an integrated and effective academic advising program as well as resources and tools for students, faculty and staff. This advising program provides students with opportunities in assessing their interests and academic abilities, encouraging the fullest intellectual development of all students, fostering an understanding of the value of a liberal arts education and providing an environment in which students can learn about the full array of educational opportunities available to them. Advisers assist students in taking responsibility for learning how to set academic, career, and personal goals, and the strategies for achieving them and to graduate in a timely manner. Integral to our mission is providing faculty advisors with the advisement-related training to assist their advisees to achieve these goals. The program relies on the latest technologies to support learning endeavors and will have a strong commitment to addressing the diverse needs of the individual student. Ultimately academic advising is a relationship between student and advisor, between student and institution, and between advisor and institution.

Advisement Times

Check out the Advisement Times, a great resource for all your
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  • Aug 28 - Fall semester begins
  • Sept 4 – Holiday (closed)
  • Sept 5 – Drop/Add deadline
  • Sept 18 – Winter schedule available
  • Oct 4 - Deadline to change major/minor in time for registration
  • Oct 4 - Spring schedule available
  • Oct 4 – Winter registration begins
  • Oct 9 - TAP numbers available from advisor
  • Oct 6-11 - Fall Break
  • Nov 3 - Last day to withdraw from a course
  • Nov 2-10 - Undergraduate Registration begins (See Registrar's Website)
  • Nov 22-27 – Thanksgiving break
  • Dec 4 – Summer schedule available
  • Dec 12-16 - Finals Week
  • Dec 17 - Commencement
  • Check back often for more important dates and announcements!


  • Advisor Enrichment Workshops - TBA
  • Keep Checking Back for Upcoming Announcements