Update on Evacuation of the South Village Suites

Dear members of the Millersville University community 


It is our mission to provide a safe environment for our students.  This morning there will be a debriefing with emergency personnel and facilities on the gas odor in the South Village Suites last night.  Action will be taken to ensure that our students continue to live in a safe environment, supportive of their academic goals and a thriving on-campus living community.  Below is a summary of the incident last evening.

At approximately 11:30 p.m. on November 11, 2014 we received a report of an odor of natural gas in the B wing of the South Village Suites.

Upon learning of this, the in-hall housing staff of South Village contacted first responders including the local Blue Rock Fire (local fire department) and Millersville University Police Department (MUPD). UGI, a local utility company, was also contacted.  Professional staff members from Housing as well as University Facilities were also notified of the situation.

The fire department responded to the scene along with a representative from UGI to investigate. Upon their arrival a faint smell of gas was detected. The building’s fire alarm was then activated by MUPD to have residents from all four wings evacuate for their safety and further investigation. The in-hall staff escorted residents into the safety of community lounges and recreation areas of neighboring residence halls.

Members of UGI and the fire department checked all interior floors of all wings as well as the exterior of each wing of the South Village suites.  Minimal gas readings, none at a dangerous level, were found by UGI outside of the South Villages.

After further investigation it was determined that the likely cause of last night’s odor was exhaust from mechanical room pipes in B wing. Weather conditions (warm - 60 degrees and a low cloud ceiling) with little air circulation in the area might be a reason for the odors not dissipating as much.  A representative from Blue Rock Fire stated that vapors were likely rising from the exhaust pipe. At 1:30am, first responders gave an "all clear" and determined the residence halls were safe for all residents to return to their rooms.

After this morning’s meeting, if any mechanical changes are deemed necessary, they will be made in a timely fashion. 

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