SAP Finance (Purchase Requisitions)

How-to obtain SAP training:

All new users must first request a User ID/password.

When you receive your User ID/password training must be taken in the following order:

SAP Navigation/Budget related training is offered by Budget Department staff, contact Gladys LaPorte x2077

Purchasing related training is offered by Purchasing Department staff, contact  Darlene Cassidy x3643 or Anna Stauffer x3041 

Note: For the most effective training, wait until you have a requisition that needs to be entered, otherwise the only thing that we can train you on is the query section and you will most likely need to come back when a requisition must be entered.

Before you start your requisition:

PERSONAL SETTINGS (This procedure, which is meant to simplify input, should be completed before you enter your first requisition and whenever any updates and/or changes are needed.)    (SHOW ME)

Click here for written instructions.

VENDOR ID  Struggling to find the vendor ID for your requisition?  The tutorial below will show you the appropriate screen as well as the variables to fill out to find all the vendor ID's for Millersville University requisitions.  You will also see how to sort the list alphabetically.     (SHOW ME)

Request for SAP Vendor ID (Word document)

Request for SAP Vendor ID (.pdf document)


To check the appropriateness of your purchase download the document Expenditures of Public Funds document.