From bikes to buses, Millersville is finding alternative ways to get to and around campus. A campus as beautiful as ours calls for choosing modes of travel that let you take in the sights…the Campus Trolley, a bike ride with friends or just a leisurely stroll across campus all offer alternative ways of getting around. When you want to get to downtown Lancaster for an event at the Ware Center, to connect to Amtrak or just to enjoy the City, our free bus services provide the perfect environmentally-friendly option.

Bike-Friendly Campus

Bicycles are an important part of our daily transportation to and around campus at Millersville.  Recent infrastructure upgrades, including bike racks and bike repair stations, and a passionate community of cyclists are helping us pedal toward an increasingly bike-friendly campus. Learn more…

Bus Services

Planning to head to the Park City Center or into the City of Lancaster? Need a ride to the Amtrak station? Why not take the bus?  Millersville partners with Red Rose Transit Authority to provide free bus access on the MU Express, MU Park City Express, and Route 16 during the fall and spring academic year.  Learn more…

Campus Shuttle

One of the most charming sustainable features on Millersville’s campus is the Campus Trolley.  The Campus Trolley provides students with a safe, low-impact mode of travel for getting around campus.  Providing over 70,000 rides annually, the Campus Trolley cuts down on campus greenhouse gas emissions and reduces the number of vehicles on campus roads, while providing faculty, staff, and students with a free, fun way to move about campus.  Check the schedule and hop aboard.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

From Tesla to the Leaf, the composition of the national fleet is incorporating electric vehicles.  At Millersville, we’re ready.  We recently installed four dedicated electric vehicle charging stations on campus that are free for use by faculty, staff, students and visitors.

Ride Share Program

Millersville partners with Commuter Services of Pennsylvania to provide access to a confidential ridematch program that supports faculty, staff and student carpooling.  Commuters Services of Pennsylvania’s RideMatch program and tool allows you to identify potential carpooling partners that live near you.  Carpooling can help you save money on gas and parking, cut down on greenhouse gas emissions in line with the goals of Millersville’s Climate Action Plan, potentially cut insurance rates, and lead to a less stressful commuter all while making new friends. 

October is Green Commute Month.


Have places to go, but the lack the means to get there?  Why not grab a zipcar?  What's zipcar?  It's a smarter way to get around.  For a low hourly rate you can rent one of our affectionately named vehicles, "Snappy" or "Medina."  Gas, insurance and fun are included.  Sign up today, and while you're at it, sign up your student organizations or university department as well.