Climate Change

We will be Carbon Neutral by 2040

2019 Climate Action Plan

2019 Climate Action Plan Draft

As a charter signatory to Second Nature's Climate Commitment, Millersville University has committed to be carbon neutral by 2040 and to assist the City of Lancaster with climate change planning.

To support this commitment, Millersville University first released a Climate Action Plan in January of 2016. The updated 2019 Climate Action Plan provides an update on our progress as well as updated actions and goals with target years.  The updated 2019 Climate Action Plan also begins to address campus climate resiliency as well discuss efforts to collaborate with the City of Lancaster on climate change response planning. 

From the President

President Wubah responds to climate change.

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Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Objectives

Millersville University's Climate Action Plan includes nine goals for achieving carbon neutrality by 2040.
  1. Achieve and maintain certification of the Lombardo Welcome Center as a zero energy building.
  2. Design and build all new buildings, and major renovations to existing buildings, to green building rating system standards.
  3. Increase the energy efficiency of Millersville’s existing buildings through retrofits and upgrades. (8%
    improvement over 2018 by 2025, 25% by 2040)
  4. Increase use of renewable electricity. (50% of demand by 2025, 100% by 2040)
  5. Increase onsite renewable energy generation through use of geothermal energy in key campus
  6. Encourage climate-friendly travel, including carbon offset programs for business travel and
  7. Increase waste diversion while continuing to reduce GHG emissions associated with the supply chain.
  8. Establish a carbon offset program to offset remaining emissions.


Millersville University's Climate Action Plan Committee members include Dr. Kathleen Schreiber (Chair), Dr. Ethan Frost, Dr. Ajoy Kumar, Mr. Tom Waltz, Mr. Tom Richardson and Mr. Chris Steuer. Additional support in developing the 2019 Climate Action Plan was provided by students Zachary Dodson, Sebastian De Rosa, as well as students from Applied Climate Planning and Climate & Society classes. Millersville University also wishes to thank faculty, staff, students and community members who participated in the Human Environment and Built Environment Resilience Planning Teams.


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