Bulk Usage

  • University Dining and Catering Services has eliminated the use of individual packaging for jelly, relish, mustard, mayonnaise and ketchup.  Instead, condiments are ordered in bulk thus saving packaging waste and recycling.

Community and Student Involvement

  • As members of the Sustainability Committee, Dining and Conference Services actively supports the annual Sustainability Day.  Currently, vendors showcase their products that are used on campus.
  • We work directly with students to collect plastics and recyclables in support of the campus-wide initiative of Terra Cycling. 


  • To be more efficient, we have changed to low energy florescent bulbs.
  • Lighting is turned off during the daylight hours if not in use.
  • Automatic light-sensitive shades are in operation to reduce the energy demand on the HVAC systems.
  • The kitchen equipment is operated only as needed.  We use the Melink Intel-hood Control System that operates the cooking ducts on demand, and we have a low-energy, water efficient dishwashing machine.

New Concepts

  • Our Juice Bar is located in the Student Memorial Center.  We use 100% vine-ripened fresh fruit with no added sugar and no artificial ingredients or color.
  • The coffee served in The Anchor, our hybrid-convenience store, is provided by Sun Coffee Roasters, a Sustainable Fair Trade coffee company, that serves colleges, universities, retailers and wholesale suppliers.  In an effort to provide our campus with environmentally friendly coffee, Sun Coffee Roasters utilizes green packaging and sustainable manufacturing techniques.


  • A composting program is fully operating in Gordinier Hall, our largest dining facility.  The program has significantly reduced the volume of waste transferred to the landfill, as well as reduced operating costs.  The program will be expanded campus-wide.
  • Recycled and biodegradable paper napkins in our dining facilities. 
  • Our multi-use express take-out boxes are recyclable.
  • Plastic straws, paper cups and plastic lids have been discontinued in our resident dining units.
  • Recycling of cardboard, plastic bottles, glass, aluminum, newspapers and office paper is facilitated in cooperation with University Facilities.
  • Our frying oils are recycled through our prime vendor who utilizes the end-product for their vehicles. 


  • Locally grown and manufactured produce is purchased when possible.
  • Our cleaning products are earth friendly, biodegradable, free of carcinogens, phosphates, and inert ingredients.
  • Reusable crates and cartons are utilized when available.
  • We strive to buy products that are environmentally friendly by working with sustainable vendors.
  • We source equipment that is “Energy Star” rated, which meet the specifications set forth by the USDA, EPA and OSHA to support our environmental commitment and responsibility. 

Water Conservation

  • Our water energy saving equipment is being updated and we are choosing to go tray-less, which will also save energy, water and food waste.