Landscape And Grounds

Landscape and Grounds

Millersville’s campus consists of approximately 250 acres ranging from parking lots to a biological preserve. The center of campus features rolling grassy lawns and pathways that carry pedestrians around the scenic Millersville pond. Numerous mature trees line the walkways and grassy areas and rain gardens and other green infrastructure are peppered throughout.

Organic Gardens

Organic vegetable gardens located behind the Huntingdon House are managed by faculty, staff and students.

Rain Gardens

Campus rain gardens manage stormwater onsite, preventing pollution from reaching local streams.

Monarch Waystation

Millersville University is recognized as a Monarch Waystation by the Monarch Waystation Program

Watershed Education and Training Institute

The campus Watershed Education and Training Institute (WETI) teaches students about water quality and stream health.

Biological Preserve

Campus features a biological preserve where students can study ecosystem health.

The Pond

The Pond located in the center of Millersville's campus is a certified wildlife habitat.

Sustainable Walking Tour

Take the Sustainable Walking Tour to visit campus sustainable features.

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Millersville students manage an apiary on campus.

Native Plants

Native plants are located throughout campus including the grounds of the Lombardo Welcome Center.