Lombardo Welcome Center

Pennsylvania's First Certified Zero Energy Building

zero energyThe Lombardo Welcome Center is the first building in Pennsylvania to be certified as a zero energy building by the International Living Future Institute and only 1 of about 100 zero energy buildings in the country. The unique building produces its own energy onsite through renewable energy sources and stands as a clear testament of Millersville’s commitment to sustainability and to our goal of pursuing carbon neutrality by 2040


Lombardo Energy Performance

Reimagining What's Possible with Buildings

Buildings use energy to power lights, provide heat and air conditioning, and to run appliances, computers, and other devices. Typically, buildings pull most of that energy from the electricity grid, but zero energy buildings, like the Lombardo Welcome Center, generate their own energy, onsite from renewable sources.

lombardo_dashboardTo achieve zero energy certification, the Lombardo Welcome Center needed to generate all of its own energy for an entire year. During our first year, we didn't just generate enough energy, we generated 75% more than we needed, making the Lombardo Welcome Center one of the 5 most positive energy buildings in the country.  Check out the New Buildings Institute's zero energy building database to see more zero energy buildings. 

We're continuing to track how much energy we make and use and you can follow along. Click here to check out our energy dashboard, which shows how much energy we're making real-time! 

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