Learn about Sustainable Travel Options

From bikes to buses, Millersville is finding better ways to get to and around campus. A campus as beautiful as ours calls for choosing modes of travel that let you take in the sights…the Campus Trolley, a bike ride with friends or just a leisurely stroll across campus all offer great ways of getting around. 

Find a Carpool Partner

We partner with Commuter Services of Pennsylvania to provide carpooling resources.

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Bus and Shuttle Services

Planning to head to the Park City Center or into the City of Lancaster? Need a ride to the Amtrak station? Why not...

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Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Electric vehicles are the future of transportation. At Millersville, we’re ready.

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Have places to go, but the lack the means to get there? Why not grab a Zipcar?

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Bike-friendly Campus

A passionate community of cyclists are helping us pedal toward an increasingly bike-friendly campus.