Positive Energy Fund

Be Part of the Solution

Millersville University is converting building energy savings into human energy by using dollars from utility rebates to fund faculty-, staff- and student-led projects that will contribute positively to local and global communities using the structure of the Global Goals for Sustainable Development

  • Apply for a Positive Energy Award

    To apply for awards through the Positive Energy Fund, faculty, staff and/or students must complete an application, which includes submitting a project narrative that describes your project.

    For additional eligibility requirements, please refer to the Positive Energy Fund Program Guidance.

    The 2020 application deadline is Mar 23 2020.

  • Positive Energy Committee

    The Positive Energy Committee is comprised of faculty, staff and students committed to accelerating solutions to global challenges through innovative work in our community, and is responsible for making awards from the Positive Energy Fund. Members include:

    Dr. Rene Munoz, Director of Sponsored Programs and Research Administration

    Dr. Oliver Dreon, Director of the Center for Academic Excellence

    Dr. Beth Powers-Costello, Assistant Professor - Early, Middle and Exceptional Education

    Dr. Karen Rice, Department Chair, School of Social Work

    Mr. Tom Waltz, Assistant Vice President for Facilities

    Ms. Amy Spellman, Major Gifts Officer

    Ms. Neelu Ayilavarapu, Financial Accountant

    Ms. Kim Auger, Instructor, Library Department

    Mr. Chris Steuer, Sustainability Director

  • Year 1 Awardees

    Integrating Art into Stormwater Management

    Artist Stacy Levy and the City of Lancaster are working to transform Water Street into a complete street that enables safe access for pedestrians, cyclists, motorists and transit riders. Levy is working to create a long-term strategic plan that will integrate art into stormwater management. Millersville and the City of Lancaster will organize a Ware Center lecture and Lombardo Welcome Center workshop by Stacy Levy. The workshop will be hands-on and open to students and professionals with a focus on supporting integrated planning among artists, scientists and planners. 

    Project Green Lancaster

    Project Green Lancaster is a sustainability website created by students in the Media and Broadcasting program in the Department of Communication and Theatre that features local sustainability projects. This work will transition Project Green’s focus from creating long-form written content to making high-quality, highly-engaging micro-content using mobile videos and social interaction along with the writing to highlight the ways that Lancaster County is advancing the Global Goals and affecting positive change. 

    Cross-pollination: Native Gardens & Art in the Schools

    Through a collaboration among the National Wildlife Federation, South Central PaARTners at Millersville University, and MU College of Education and Human Services, Carol Welsh and Elyse Jurgen will work with MU students to design, build and plant a pollinator garden at Price Elementary. They will then use the gardens as an ongoing education tool to explore science, math, creative writing, art and history with the students through collaborations with MU Education and Art and Education students. 

    Focus on the Community Day

    For the first time, the 2018 Conference on Education and Poverty featured a Focus on the Community Day that encouraged conversations and collaborations around the intersections of education and poverty. This work will significantly expand Focus on the Community Day by incorporating a community resource drive to help combat local hunger and poverty as well as bring a keynote speaker to the conference.