Exploratory Program

About us

Program Director

Dr. Ralph G. Anttonen, Faculty Emeritus, Program Founder (1986-2012) 

The Exploratory Program has become one of the most successful programs at Millersville University. From its inception in 1986 to present, the Exploratory program has been helping students to choose a major and graduate from Millersville University. All first year students are placed in a three credit "freshman seminar" which counts as a general education course.

Since 1986 the Exploratory Program had been directed by Dr. Ralph G. Anttonen, until his recent retirement. This program trains advisors from the faculty and staff to guide exploratory students. These advisors are skilled in advising techniques such as choosing a major, course selection in General Education, campus involvement, and campus services.

The program has videos for every major on campus and also has an Improve My Performance Program (IMP) for those students who are not achieving a grade point average of 2.00. The mission of this program is to get every student to select a major and graduate from Millersville University. Statistics for the program are also available.

**With our Youtube video initiative, we've been working hard to bring you the information you need and want. Please check through our website for informative interview videos on major programs, first year experience and general education requirements.**