Major Department and Program Contacts

Contact Listing

Do you want to know about a particular major? There are many helpful and qualified individuals available across campus who are eager to meet students' needs. We maintain a list of contact people who can be of assistance with your exploration of the majors offered at MU.

Academic Departments and Minor Programs

Department Person Tel.
African-American Studies Dr. Rita Smith Wade-El 872-3090
Applied Engineering, Safety & Technology Dr. Len Litowitz 871-7215
Art & Design Prof. Deborah Sigel 871-7248
Biology Dr. John Hoover 871-7427

Business Administration

Accounting/Finance/International Business

Dr. Doug Frazer

Dr. David DiRusso



Chemistry Dr. Edward Rajaseelan 871-7395
Communication & Theatre Dr. Theresa Russell-Loretz 871-7281
Computer Science Dr. David H. Hutchens 872-3838
Early, Middle, and Exceptional Education Dr. Richard Kerper 871-7341
Earth Sciences Dr. Richard D. Clark 871-7434
Economics Dr. Kenneth Smith 871-7183
Educational Foundations Dr. Tiffany Wright 871-7330
English Dr. R. Jill Craven 871-7386
Entrepreneurship Minor Prof. Jeri Robinson/Prof. Nancy Mata 871-7260/871-5718
Environmental Studies Minors Dr. John Wallace 872-3418
Exploratory Program Dr. Michelle White 872-3257
Foreign Language Dr. Susanne Nimmrichter 871-7153
Geography Dr. Derek Shanahan 871-7164
Government & Political Affairs Dr. Richard A. Glenn 871-7483
History Dr. Ronald Frankum 871-7172
International Studies Dr. Robert Bookmiller 871-7504
Mathematics Dr. Delray Schultz 871-7314
Multidisciplinary Studies Dr. Dennis Downey 872-3571
Music Dr. Micheal Houlahan 871-7517
Nursing Dr. Kelly Kuhns 871-5276
Philosophy Dr. Charles Ward 871-7204
Physics Dr. Michael Nolan 871-7443
Psychology Dr. Frederick Foster-Clark 871-7265
Social Work Dr. Karen Rice 871-5297
Sociology & Anthropology Dr. Mary Glazier 871-7476
Wellness & Sports Science (Athletic Coaching) Dr. Daniel Keefer 871-2182
Women's Studies Dr. Nivedita Bagchi 871-7483