Contact Listing

Do you want to know about a particular major? There are many helpful and qualified individuals available across campus who are eager to meet students' needs. We maintain a list of contact people who can be of assistance with a variety of problems.


Department Person Tele. Ext.
Academic Advisement Dr. Michelle White 3257
African American Studies Dr. Rita Smith Wade-El 3090
Career Services Ms. Margo Sassaman 3312
Center for Student Involvement & Leadership Ms. Angela Simmons 3506
Experiential Learning & Career Management
Ms. Diane Fleishman 2078
Drug and Alcohol Prob. Mr. John Baltzer 3122
Greek Life Ms. Angela Simmons 3506
Counseling and Human Development Dr. Kelsey Backels 3122
Honors College Dr. Dennis Downey 3924
International Studies Dr. Robert Bookmiller 3837
Math Placement Dr. Delray Schultz 3535
Financial Aid Mr. Dwight Horsey 3026
Intramurals and Recreation Dr. Gordon Nesbitt 3705
Learning Services Dr. Sherlynn Bessick 3178
Housing and Residental Programs Mr. Thomas Richardson 3162
Health Services Susan Northwall, D.O.
Commuting Students
Mrs. Rita Miller 5838
International Students Mrs. Rita Miller 5838
Social Equity Mr. Hiram Martinez
University Police Chief Pete Anders
Women's Studies
Dr. Tracey Weis

When all else fails... Dr. Ralph Anttonen 3483

Academic Departments

Department Person Tel. Ext.
Art Prof. Brant Schuller
Biology Dr. John Hoover
Business Administration

Mktg/Mgmt - Dr. Patrick McCaskey

Acct/Fin - Dr. Doug Frazer



Chemistry Dr. Sandra L. Turchi-Dooley 3423
Computer Science Dr. David H. Hutchens 3838
Earth Sciences Dr. Richard D. Clark 3930
Economics Dr. Kenneth Smith 3582
Educational Foundations Dr. John Ward 3835
Elementary Education Dr. Christine Anthony
Exploratory Program Dr. Ralph G. Anttonen 3257
English Dr. Caleb Corkery
Foreign Language Dr. Leroy Hopkins
Geography Dr. Angela Cuthbert 3583
Government & Political Affairs Dr. Richard A. Glenn 3550
History Dr. Ronald Frankum
Industry & Technology Dr. Barry David 3327
Mathematics Dr.Delray Schultz 3531
Music Dr. Micheal Houlahan 2197
Nursing Dr. Barbara Zimmerman 3376
Philosophy Dr. Charles Ward
Physics Dr. Michael Nolan 3660
Psychology Dr. Helena Tuleya-Payne 3925
Social Work Dr. Kathryn Gregoire 2475
Sociology & Anthropology Dr. Mary Glazier 3855
Special Education Dr. Elba I. Rohena 3671
Speech Comm. Dr. Thomas Boyle 5448
Wellness and Sport's Science Dr. Daniel Keefer