Criminology, Sociology and Anthropology

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Welcome to the Department of Criminology, Sociology, and Anthropology! Our department offers Bachelor of Arts degrees in Sociology and Anthropology. Majors who wish to concentrate in a sub-specialty can earn an option in either Archaeology for Anthropology majors or Criminology for Sociology majors. We also offer minors in Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminology. Many of the faculty members teach for the Women and Gender Studies, African American Studies, and Latino/a Studies programs. 


Criminology & Sociology

With programs in sociology and criminology, we help you awaken your "sociology imagination" and prepare you to pursue diverse career opportunities.

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Anthropology & Archaeology

Interested in the fields of Anthropology? Pursue a degree in Cultural Anthropology or a concentration in Archaeology at Millersville.

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“I am so thankful that Millersville opened my eyes to Sociology and fueled my sociological imagination. My professors have taught me a different way of thinking about the world that encourages looking at social issues from a top-down approach. I have also gained a strong foundation in social research methods and statistical analysis that I will continue to use as I pursue a career in research. ”

- Ellie Rohrback | Senior, Sociology-Criminology Major