Degree Requirements

Degree Requirements

Anthropology Major Requirements (30 credits): 

ANTH 121: Cultural Anthropology, ANTH 122: Physical Anthropology, ANTH 123 Intro to Archaeology, ANTH 220 Ethnographic Methods, ANTH 422: History of Anthropological Theory, 

One Ethnographic Course (ANTH 222: North American Indians, ANTH 223: Peoples and Cultures of the Mediterranean, ANTH 226: Comparative Society, ANTH 227: Culture through Film), 

One Comparative Course (ANTH 325: Medical Anthropology, ANTH 326: Anthropology of Religion, ANTH 327: Urban Anthropology, ANTH 328: Male/Female, ANTH 336: Language and Communication, ANTH 344: Gender, Race and Class)

Three additional anthropology courses, one of which must be at the 300 level or higher, chosen in consultation with the advisor.

Two sociology courses may count toward the Anthropology degree if they have been approved by the department and are not used in Block G3 of the Liberal Arts Core. Consult the department’s Student Handbook for the list of approved courses. 

ENGL 462: Dialects of American English may also count toward the Anthropology degree.

Required Related Courses:

Foreign Language – at least six credits at the University Level, or

A University approved minor, or 

Related Option – at least nine credits approved by the Anthropology advisor

Anthropology Major/Archaeology Option Requirements (30 credits)

ANTH 121: Cultural Anthropology, ANTH 122: Physical Anthropology, ANTH 123: Introduction to Archaeology, ANTH 220: Ethnographic Methods, ANTH 233: Topics in Archaeology,

ANTH 320: Archaeological Method and Theory, ANTH 422: History of Anthropological Theory, ANTH 425: Archaeological Field School

Two additional courses in anthropology at the 200 level or above