Research Funding

Neimeyer-Hodgson Student Research Grant

The Millersville University Alumni Association, recognizing that individuals and society benefit from the pursuit of scholarly research, has established the Neimeyer-Hodgson Fund to provide grants in aid for student research. The Fund was established with monies bequeathed to the Millersville University Alumni Association by Minnie Menges Neimeyer '23 and Laura L. Hodgson, mother of Pearl Hodgson '31.

Any full-time student attending Millersville University in pursuit of a baccalaureate degree is eligible to apply for a grant. Students making application for a grant shall forward to the chairperson of the Nominations and Awards Committee, in care of the Alumni Services Office, an application that outlines the field of research. An itemized budget of costs related to the research project, signed by faculty sponsor, shall accompany the application. Applications must be submitted to the Alumni Services Office by noon on the third Friday of October for the fall semester, or by noon on the third Friday of February the spring semester.

Below are the criteria and a sample application for the Neimeyer-Hodgson Grant. Please visit the Neimeyer-Hodgson page for information on the current application process.


Casselberry Student Research Fund


 The Casselberry Student Research Fund was established in 1990 in order to create a source of financial support to promote student research and academic excellence for departmental majors and minors.  The fund was initially established when a 1990 graduate made a donation to establish the fund to express her "appreciation for the opportunity she had to conduct supervised research and present her paper at a regional professional meeting."  Her goal was to help future students attain the same experience.  In 2003, the fund was named the Casselberry Student Research Fund in honor of Dr. Sam Casselberry, Professor of Anthropology Emeritus, on the occasion of his retirement.  Department faculty, alumni and the Sociology and Anthropology Clubs have all contributed to increase the size of the fund. 

The purpose of the fund is to support the research activities of department majors and minors who are involved in faculty supervised research in either sociology or anthropology.  The amount and number of grants awarded each year is dependent on the amount of money available in the fund. 

Criteria for Grant

Any student who is engaged in a departmentally sponsored research project or who is presenting the results one at an off-campus professional conference, may be eligible for a Casselberry Student Research Grant.  The minimum criteria for eligibility include:

  1. Student must have a research supervisor who is a departmental faculty member
  2. Student must list the other funding sources (Neimeyer-Hodgson, Millersville Student Research Grant, or Noonan Grant) that they are applying to
  3. A GPA of 3.0 is required in the major (although the committee reserves the right to waive this requirement)
  4. Priority will be given to majors over minors and seniors over juniors

Appropriate Grant Expenditures

The Casselberry Student Research Grant is designed to support expenses associated with departmental honors research projects, joint faculty-student research, independent research projects or presentation of findings at an off-campus professional conference.  Eligible expenses include:

Research Expenses:  photocopying, printing, supplies, postage, user fees, software, miscellaneous necessary costs.

Travel to Present Expenses: transportation, hotel accommodations, meals, conference fees, parking.

Application Procedure

The student should complete an application form, abstract and budget and submit these materials to the department chair.  Applications may be submitted anytime throughout the year for work to be completed or conferences to be attended during the following semester.  Applications will be processed on a first-come-first-served basis.

Report Requirement

Students who received a Casselberry Student Research Grant are required to submit a post-grant report summarizing the activity completed and explaining how the grant assisted the student in this process.  The report must be submitted by the end of the semester during which the activity was completed.

Download the application here

Noonan Endowment Fund Grants

The Noonan Endowment Fund has been established to encourage and facilitate programs and events for the enrichment of students at Millersville University.  The committee that oversees the fund encourages proposals of any kind that enrich the educational experience of students and broaden the cultural awareness of the entire university community.  In principle, the committee encourages proposals intended to supplement classroom instruction, and it encourages applicants to seek additional funding from other university or private sources. The Sociology/Anthropology Department, the Anthropology Club and the Sociology Club are eligible to apply.  Funding does not cover food or lodging expenses.   Noonan Grants will not exceed $500.00.

Types of programs qualifying for consideration:

  1. Field trips to museums, galleries, theatres, and other cultural settings;
  2. Active participation in conferences, symposia, and other meetings.
  3. Off-campus research, performances, or competitions;
  4. Programs that bring speakers, artistic ensembles, and other performances to the campus.

Preference for distribution of Noonan Endowment Fund monies will be given to:  (The following are not in priority order.)

  1. Activities that involve active student participation such as individual performances or other presentations at national or state societies and conferences;
  2. Opportunities that may be limited in terms of dates available and/or proximity of locations;
  3. Programs that benefit the general university community;
  4. Activities that benefit the largest number of students;
  5. Activities that appear to be cross-disciplinary in nature;
  6. Groups who demonstrate that they are conducting activities to help underwrite the total expenses incurred.  Cost per student will be a major factor in committee consideration.

Student Grants for Research and Creative Activity

Student Grants for Research and Creative Activity offer funding to support undergraduate and graduate students in their research and creative projects.  Calls for proposals are sent out early in the Fall and Spring semesters. 

The Student Grants for Research and Activity (SGRCA) program is intended to encourage both undergraduate and graduate students to undertake research and creative projects which will contribute new insights in the student's chosen academic field. Funds requested must be related to a faculty-supervised research or creative project or to their undergraduate or graduate thesis. Grants will be made up to a maximum award of $500 for undergraduate students, and a maximum of $1,000 to graduate students, and may be used for research-related travel, materials and supplies, research experiments and data collection, books and equipment, and other research needs. Grant submissions will be accepted in the fall and spring semesters for currently enrolled Millersville students, with up to one year from the grant award notification to complete the research project and expend any grant funds.


See SGRCA's page here for additional information. 

Funding Deadlines

Click here to find the deadlines for a list of student research grants deadlines.