Admission to The Anthropology Major


New students, incoming freshmen or transfer students, who wish to transfer into the Anthropology major must be admitted through the Office of Admissions upon admission to the University. This also applies for non-degree or continuing education students. Admission into the Anthropology major from another major must be approved by the head of the Sociology/Anthropology department.

Students who have completed at least 45 semester hours at the time they plan to transfer into the major must also complete the "Sophomore Review", a mandatory academic and career advisement process.  The review consists of a one-half hour meeting with the student's advisor to discuss the student's academic and career goals.  Prior to the conference, the student is required to have submitted to the advisor a brief essay on his/her career goals and a resume.  Specific instructions for the sophomore review are available on the Sociology/Anthropology Department website.