Sophomore Review

Criminology/Sociology/Anthropology Department Sophomore Review:

Mandatory Academic and Career Advisement Guidelines


Every sociology and anthropology major is required to complete an extended advisement session known as a Sophomore Review.  It gives you and your faculty advisor an opportunity to:

  • Review your academic record to assess your progress in meeting university requirements
  • Ensure that you are on track to complete your major in a timely fashion
  • Identify academic strengths and weaknesses
  • Consider academic experiences beyond the classroom, such as study abroad, internships, honors projects, etc.
  • Discuss your career goals in order to ensure that you are selecting courses that will help you meet them
  • Improve your resume by ensuring that it communicates clearly your personal and academic strengths


You are required to do a Sophomore Review the semester after you complete 45 credits. If you have more than 45 credits and wish to transfer into the major, you must complete the Sophomore Review prior to being admitted into the major. 

To meet requirements, you must complete the following:

  1. Write an essay of at least two pages in which you describe your career goals for the ten years following graduation from college. Make this essay an example of your best writing. The Writing Center is an excellent resource to help you present your best work.
  2. Prepare a resume. Consult with Career Services for guidance regarding resume writing.
  3. Obtain a current DARS printout.

Give these three items to your faculty advisor and schedule an appointment to meet and discuss them.  You should submit the materials to your advisor at least 10 days before your scheduled meeting.  The meeting with your advisor will probably take about 30 minutes.  During that time, your advisor will review your DARS to determine what requirements you need to meet and when you will be able to meet them, offer suggestions on your resume, and discuss strategies to help you achieve your career goals.  Students find the Sophomore Review to be an extremely valuable advising session that makes academic planning and course selection much easier.  

 The Sophomore Review is a departmental requirement for continuation in the major. You must complete your sophomore review in order to receive your TAP number from your advisor for registration.  If you fail to complete your Sophomore Review after receiving two notices, you will be dropped from the major.  If you have questions about the Sophomore Review, please contact your advisor or the department chair, Dr. Marlene Arnold, via email at