Dive Into the Scientific Study of Human Interaction With Our Rigorous Sociology and Criminology Degree

Degree: B.A.

Are you fascinated by questions involving human behavior and how societies are formed and maintained? Do you especially want to immerse yourself in the intersection between sociology and criminology? If so, the Bachelor of Arts in Sociology at Millersville University with a concentration in Criminology is the best first step you can take to a huge variety of careers throughout the fields of sociology and criminology — including the judicial system and community outreach.

Our Sociology and Criminology degree program will provide you with:

  • An exceptional reputation: For over 4 decades, we’ve helped Sociology and Criminology majors understand and appreciate human behavior in the context of social, cultural, political and environmental influences. You’ll join our outstanding alumni of Sociology degree graduates who find success across the country. From academia and criminal justice to human resources and management, our Sociology and Criminology majors are highly sought after by employers for their comprehensive knowledge and skills.

  • A balanced educational experience: As you earn your Sociology and Criminology degree, you’ll enjoy a carefully crafted combination of theory and hands-on experiences during internships and study abroad opportunities. In addition to building a foundational knowledge base to understand and navigate the social world, you will also learn valuable qualitative and quantitative research skills that can apply to careers in nearly every major industry.

  • Personalized support: As a Sociology and Criminology major at Millersville, your success is our success. That’s why you’ll benefit from individualized academic and professional support from the dedicated staff in our University College.

  • Specialized training: With a Criminology degree concentration, you’ll develop specific skills and methods of research that can help you enter the judicial field. You may be wondering about criminology vs. criminal justice when it comes to education. Put simply, criminology emphasizes criminals’ psychological and sociological behaviors, whereas criminal justice focuses on the court procedures and systems. If you are interested in continuing your education in criminal justice, being a Sociology and Criminology major is a great way to stand out from others. 
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Why Study Sociology and Criminology at Millersville?

Whether you see yourself running research studies or working the field investigating crimes, our Sociology and Criminology degree will prepare you for many exciting and unique career paths. As you earn your Sociology degree with a Criminology concentration, you’ll also benefit from:

  • Experienced faculty: We offer small classes sizes in our Sociology and Criminology degree program to give you plenty of chances to learn one-on-one from our Sociology and Criminology faculty mentors. You’ll learn firsthand from their decades of professional and educational experience.

  • Affordability: We aim to make our Sociology and Criminology degree as accessible as possible. That’s why we offer a flat tuition rate that means you’ll never be charged hidden fees.

  • Location: Lancaster City is a hub for arts and culture, as well as home to an abundance of outdoor recreation spaces — including walking, hiking and biking trails. You can always find something fun to do in between classes and studying.

  • Field Experience: In addition to your academic growth in the classroom, you can also learn outside the classroom through internships and volunteer opportunities. Gain valuable work and research experience while serving your fellow community members.

“I am so thankful that Millersville opened my eyes to sociology and fueled my sociological imagination. My professors have taught me a different way of thinking about the world that encourages looking at social issues from a top-down approach. I have also gained a strong foundation in social research methods and statistical analysis that I will continue to use as I pursue a career in research.”

- Ellie Rohrback | BA in Sociology and Criminology, Class of '22

What Will You Learn in Sociology and Criminology Program?

Our 4 year-long Sociology and Criminology program will introduce you to multiple perspectives within both the worlds of Sociology and Criminology. If you’re thinking about the differences between criminology vs. criminal justice and worry that choosing one over the other will limit your career potential, you don’t need to worry as a Sociology and Criminology major at Millersville. You’ll have chances to focus on topics that include courts and policing, as well as the psychology of criminal behavior— essentially erasing the criminology vs. criminal justice differences.

The strong foundation in research skills and methodologies that you’ll build in the sociology degree program is a great way to prepare for graduate education, and the hands-on learning in our program will help set you apart from other applicants.

Areas of Study in the Sociology and Criminology Program:
As a Sociology and Criminal major at Millersville, you’ll study topics such as:

  • Ethics in Criminal Justice
  • Gender and the Law
  • African American Social Thought
  • Social Stratification
  • Cultural Anthropology