Degree: B.A.

Dive into cultural questions and issues regarding the human race in Millersville University's Anthropology program.

Why Study This Program?

A degree in anthropology will provide you with a holistic approach to the study of humans that are located in all parts of the world, through all periods of time. By gaining a broad perspective on issues and problems regarding the human race, students are able to prepare for a wide variety of careers. This degree will prepare you for employment in fields such as not-for-profit organizations, entry-level work with local, state or federal government agencies, and employment in the business community. Millersville University's program will also prepare you for more advanced study, which leads to careers in teaching and research at colleges and universities, careers in museums or research/consulting and careers within local, national or international business.

What Will You Learn?

Students study a wide range of cultural topics including explorations of specific populations, food, world hunger, gender, race and class. Anthropology students have the option of choosing between two sub-disciplines: cultural anthropology or archaeology.

In cultural anthropology, students will receive a broad understanding of the field as a whole. Students should expect to take courses regarding ethnographics, comparative topics, theoretical and methodological ideas and statistics/computer science courses. In addition, students will also take two foreign language courses.

In archaeology, the program focuses on historical archaeology of the 17th and 18th century Atlantic World and is based upon an active program of archaeological field research. Students learn about many methods, theories, topics, surveys, laboratory analysis, artifact research and field excavation, and will also take two foreign language courses as well as five statistics and computer science courses. As part of the hands-on orientation of the program, students utilize MU's archaeological laboratory, which houses a study collection of more than 250,000 artifacts.

Students have the opportunity to work one-on-one with faculty to design a research project, which can result in the completion of an honors thesis. Students also have the opportunity to participate in the Millersville University student research conference, "Made in Millersville" and the PASSHE Undergraduate Anthropology Research Conference.

Many of the faculty members teach for the Women and Gender Studies, African American Studies, and Latino/a Studies programs.