Degrees: B.A., B.S.E.

MU's Department of History provides a substantial background in all aspects of history, and prepares students to research and think critically; equipping them with the tools to be exceptional employees in the career of their choosing.

Why Study This Program?

Millersville University's history department focuses on the past. Students are encouraged to critically examine the values and institutions of their own culture by exposing them to alternative values and institutions found in other cultures in the past. Students are taught to think historically, learn how to evaluate evidence critically, understand and apply theories of causation and develop interpretations to explain aspects of the past.

Graduates use the skills developed while pursuing this degree to succeed in numerous occupations. They are the leaders in today’s society and use the transferable skills obtained as history majors to be successful members of society and engaged citizens, and make a good living while doing so.

What Will You Learn?

Millersville University's faculty, which is recognized as being dedicated to teaching, historical research and the profession, maintain a strong commitment to scholarship. We teach a variety of courses in United States, European and World history as well as several specialized courses that focus on specific moments in time. In addition to specific classes regarding certain parts or time periods of history, students should also expect to learn how to become effective writers and communicators, how to develop and use critical analysis skills, how to research, the importance of interacting in a diverse world and the value of intellectual curiosity.

MU is the only institution in southeastern Pennsylvania, outside of the Philadelphia area, to offer the following advanced degrees in history: Baccalaureates in Liberal Arts and in Education, and a Master of Arts in History. Both the undergrad and graduate history programs are one-of-a-kind here at MU.