Women's Gender and Sexuality Studies

About Us

The Program in Women's Gender and Sexuality Studies at Millersville University is dedicated to incorporating new scholarship on women and gender into the university curriculum. Active in the classroom—as well as in the laboratory, the archive, and, the field—faculty and students work together to investigate women’s experiences and gender relations across a wide array of disciplines.

In the classroom, as in our research, we reach across divisions of historical, political, economic, representational, technological, and scientific analysis in order to offer students innovative methods and theories that enhance the broad reach of their studies and their everyday lives.

Students probe how social, historical, and psychological forces, organized by gender, shape individuals, communities, and societies. Learning about the diverse experiences of women of different economic classes, sexual orientations, and cultural, and racial backgrounds, students transfer the critical and analytical skills they develop in the study of gender and society to their other classes and beyond the classroom to other activities on campus and in the broader community. Courses and events sponsored by Women's Gender and Sexuality Studies provide valuable resources for all members of the university community.

Many students identify courses in the Women's Gender and Sexuality Studies Program as among the most exciting and enlightening they take at Millersville. The students who enroll in our classes each semester find their background in Women's Gender and Sexuality Studies to be a valuable resource for their professional development and lifelong intellectual growth. Through their developed competencies in cultural and gender dynamics, graduates have found themselves well prepared to pursue advanced degrees and training in the professions, to gain employment in community service agencies, to engage in artistic expression in the creative arts, and to assume leadership roles and positions in both business and government. As more career opportunities require credentials in diversity and inclusion, Women's Gender and Sexuality Studies provides a thoughtful choice as a minor for careers in medicine, business, teaching, social work, government, law, and other endeavors where equity and social sensitivity are expected.