For Faculty: Classifying Courses as W&GS Courses

For Faculty: Classifying a Course for Women's & Gender Studies

Faculty who wish to have a course included in the Women’s and Gender Studies Minor must demonstrate that it fits the Women’s and Gender Studies course criteria by submitting a course proposal or current syllabus and bibliography, and other material such as assignments, readings, and so on.

Women’s and Gender Studies Course Criteria

  1. The course title and content should reflect awareness of the importance of gender in structuring human social life and in framing scholarly analysis.
  2. Course content, assignments and readings should demonstrate competence in the discipline of Women’s and Gender Studies.
  3. Books and articles by recognized feminist scholars should be used.
  4. Course content and texts should have primary emphasis on diverse feminist perspectives on gender and sex equity including perspectives that recognize the social, political, economic or cultural contributions, roles and perspectives of women.
  5. Course content and texts should demonstrate sensitivity to the needs and interests of all students in regard to gender issues.
  6. Teaching should include critical pedagogy and innovative techniques traditionally used in women’s and gender studies courses whenever possible, including student oriented methods, cooperative learning, discussion, journal writing, and case studies.
  7. Multicultural perspectives should be included whenever possible.


From Governance Structure Draft 2/13/96
Updated with new name of minor Fall 2017