Women's Gender and Sexuality Studies

Contact Information Spring 2022

Dr. Emily Baldys, Interim WGSS Director


Faculty Profiles

Dr. Jill Craven

Program Coordinator Ι Professor of English/Film Studies and Comparative Literature; Pre-Law Adviser

Dr. Jill Craven

Contact Information


Office: Hash Building I Room 222
Phone: 717.871.7366


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  • Curriculum Committee
    Women's and Gender Studies
  • Affiliated Faculty
    • Ruth Benns-Suter; Psychology
    • Nivedita Bagchi; Government & Political Affairs
    • Sherri Brouillette; English
    • Ximena Catepillan; Mathematics
    • Lesley Colabucci; Education
    • Jill Craven; English
    • Ruth Davis; Nursing
    • Sandra Deemer; Educational Foundations
    • Natalia Dushkina; Physics
    • Christine Filippone; Art & Design
    • Fred Foster-Clark; Psychology
    • Justin Garcia; Anthropology
    • Leslie Gates; Art & Design
    • Christine Gaudry; Foreign Language
    • Nazli Hardy; Computer Science
    • Judy Halden-Sullivan;English
    • Stacey Irwin; Communication & Theatre
    • Jessica Kelly; Geography
    • Tanya  Kevorkian; History
    • Kim  Mccollum-Clarke; English
    • Kirsten Madden; Economics
    • Kim Mahaffy; Sociology
    • Jennifer Miller; Philosophy
    • Erin Moss; Mathematics
    • Dominic Ording; English
    • Ryan Orr; Sociology
    • John Kaiser Ortiz; Philosophy
    • Marilyn Parrish; Library Liaison
    • Carla Rineer; English
    • Norma Rivera-Hernandez; Foreign Language
    • Jeri Robinson; Art & Design
    • Theresa Russell-Loretz; Communication & Theatre
    • Frederika (Rika) Schmitt; Sociology
    • Carrie Smith; Sociology
    • Kathleen (Kat) Walsh; Social Work
    • Tracey Weis; History
    • Judy Wenrich; Elementary & Childhood Education
    • Tiffany Wright; Educational Foundations
    • Ying Wushanley; Wellness & Sport Sciences
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