WGSS Minor

Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Minor: 18 s.h.

Required courses: WGSS 220, 330 and 345 or 488, plus three courses to be selected from the list of approved courses, at least one of which must be at the 300 level or above. Students will pick courses to satisfy the electives after consultation with their women’s studies advisor. 

Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Courses

WGSS 220: 3 s.h. 

Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies (G3) 

Interdisciplinary and multicultural study of women’s roles and relationships and the ways they differ among women by race, ethnicity, class and sexual orientation. Overview of theoretical perspectives on gender and examination of contemporary issues facing women. 

WGSS 330: 3 s.h. 

Feminist Theory (P) 

This course explores diverse strains of feminist theory, including liberal, radical, black, global, socialist/Marxist and lesbian feminisms. This is a required course for all women’s studies minors. Prereq: COMM 110, ENGL 110, WSTU 220, junior status or instructor permission.

WGSS 391: 3 s.h. 

Women in Mathematics and Science (D, P) 

Explores the lives and discoveries of women scientists and the impact they have had on science and society through the centuries. Focus is on science/mathematics content as relevant to these scientists. Three disciplines will be represented in each class section. Prereq: ENGL 110, COMM 100, 100-level MATH course and one 100-level course in science; junior status. Course cross-listed with SCMA 391. 

WGSS 488: 3 s.h. 

Women’s & Gender Studies Senior Seminar (G3, W) 

Interdisciplinary and multicultural examination of how feminist perspectives and a focus on women can restructure social institutions, ways of thinking and academic disciplines. Prereq: ENGL 110, junior or senior status, and WSTU 220 or another approved women’s studies course or permission of instructor. 

WGSS 491: 1-4 s.h. 

Topics in Women’s & Gender Studies 

Investigates topics related to women’s studies in history, literature, music, art, anthropology, sociology, communications, business, science or other field. 

WGSS 498: 1-6 s.h. 

Independent Study 

Allows students to pursue an academic area of interest not available through an established course, with faculty supervision and guidance. For further information, see the Special Academic Opportunities section of the catalog, and consult with the director of women’s studies. 

Approved Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Courses

Descriptions of these courses may be found under the appropriate departmental listing. 

ANTH 344Gender, Race and Class (P) 

ART 305Women in Art (W, D) 

ART 404: Contemporary Art (W) 

COMM 227:  Social Movements & Digital Activism

COMM 330Media and Women’s Culture (P) 

COMM 333Gender and Communication (D) 

EDFN 312Women and Education: Socialization and Liberation (P) 

EDFN 376Whose School Is It, Anyway? (D, P) 

EDUC 330:  LGBTQ+ Issues in Education 

EDUC 433Gender and Race Issues in Children’s Literature (P) 

ENGL 242:  Reading Our World:  Gender & Sexuality (W) 

ENGL 331Topics: American Women Writers 

ENGL 337Women Writers in the Middle Ages (P) 

ENGL 416The Woman Writer and Her World (G1) 

ENGL 429Seminar: Black Women Writers 

ENGL 435Journalism Through Women’s Perspectives 

GOVT 212: Women & American Politics

GOVT 408: Seminar: Women in Global Politics 

HIST 250Women in American History (G3, W) 

HIST 320:  Renaissance and Reformation (G3) 

NURS 316Women, Health and Healthcare (P) 

PHIL 391Gender, Utopia and Human Behavior (P) 

SOCY 329Topics: Feminist Theory 

SOCY 329Topics:  Sociology of Gender 

SOCY 337Gender and the Law (G3) 

SOWK 312Social Work and Women; Strengths, Opportunities and Challenges (G3, W)  

SOWK 313Family Violence (P) 

SSCI 212The Black Woman (G3)