Chemistry Department

Chemistry Department


Welcome to the Department of Chemistry at Millersville University. Our American Chemical Society approved programs of study offer students the opportunity for a basic and comprehensive study in the field of chemistry.

Students benefit from a common core of courses that provide basic theory and skills vital for all degree programs leading to the bachelor’s degree in chemistry. The recommended course sequence during the first year is identical for all three programs and differs only slightly through the junior year; thus any change in career emphasis in chemistry need not delay graduation.

All chemistry lectures, recitations and laboratories are taught by eleven experienced faculty, all of whom hold Ph.D. degrees. Chemistry majors are each assigned an advisor within the department who advises them on course work, research projects, graduate school selection and careers. The department's well-equipped laboratories give our students ‘hands-on’ training in the application and use of our equipment.


  • The Chemistry Department will no longer administer a formal chemistry placement test.
  • Students with math placement test results of 101 or better have the option of registering for CHEM 110 or CHEM 111.
  • The Chemistry Department offers a voluntary online self-assessment to assist students in choosing between CHEM 110 and CHEM 111. The assessment provides an indication of a student's level of general chemistry knowledge and basic math skills.
  • Refer to the "Self Assessment" section at the upper left part of this page to take the assessment which consists of 25 multiple choice questions and has a 50 minute time limit. A score of 60% or better indicates a background sufficient for CHEM 111. A calculator and a periodic table are permitted while taking the assessment.
  • Students placing in MATH 090 must take CHEM 110.
  • CHEM 110 is only offered as a DL (distance learning) course during the Winter and Summer sessions.

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If you would like any additional information about the Chemistry Department, please contact us at:

Department of Chemistry

Millersville University
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Tel: (717) 872-3411
Fax: (717) 871-2483

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If you would like to visit the Millersville University Chemistry Department, please contact us at (717)872-3411, and we will arrange to give you a tour of our facilities and labs.

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