Recent Graduates (present-2011)


Matthew Stoltzfus ('14 - BS CHEM) He is a Chemist I at McNeal (Johnson and Johnson) in the Greenfield Industrial Park.

Bryant James ('13 - BS CHEM) He is a graduate student at the University of Michigan working with Adam Matzger on methods for isolating amorphous drug forms.

Thi Nguyen ('13 - BS CHEM) He is a Quality Control Chemist at Natural Alternatives International.

Sarah Rogers ('12 - BS CHEM) She is a Chemical Technician III in research and development at Ashland Water Technology Inc., in Wilmington, Delaware.

Andrew Dixon ('11 - BS CHEM) He is a Research Assistant at the University of Arizona under Dr. Andrei Sanov, studying the photoelectron detachment and photofragmentation of negative ions. He expects to earn his Ph.D. in 2016.

Jared Kneebone ('11 - BS CHEM) He is currently pursuing a Ph.D. with Professor Michael Neidig at the University of Rochester (expected in 2016). His research focuses on the use of physical inorganic spectroscopic techniques to gain insight into fundamental bonding, electronic structure, and mechanism within iron-catalyzed organic transformations.

Lauren Moyer ('11 - BS BIOCHEM) MS in Biology in progress. She is an Antibody Production Technician at Jackson ImmunoResearch Laboratories, Inc.


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